Multiple Settlement Governing/Control

In the stream today Tom said you could create multiple settlements, would all of the towns share resources or would they each control there own stockpiles? Also would one town be able to have priority over others?


I suppose you could limit them to A stockpile in their village.

I’m getting a "Roman Empire " vibe from this.

That would be fun.


i didnt hear that particular part of the stream, but i imagine the idea was that you could build on one portion of a map (settlement A) as well as build another settlement clear across the map (settlement B)…

each settlement would “simply” be an area where you develop the land, harvest resources, etc. would a unit from A path across a considerable distance to B to acquire a resource? unlikely… but i suppose that depends on the radius for the AI the controls that units behavior, and the distance between the settlements…

Yeah, that’s what I want as well. I want an empire under my control.

I think that would be reasonable but I would like to be able to start a trade between villages if one is running low on supplies.

Now this thread would make a lot more sense because if you have more cities you need some way to keep track of them

[quote]I think that would be reasonable but I would like to be able to start a trade between villages if one is running low on supplies.

The way I look at it, is that your villagers will only go so far to get resources, but it is possible to get a Merchant Class villager, who can take a number of selected goods from your stockpile and move them to another stockpile any distance away, the Merchant would use something like a Cart or an Animal to carry the goods, and the number of goods he can hold depends on what Cart or what Animal, obviously.

The Merchant would prefer to move along Roads, but would go acrossed normal land to get to his destination. Of course, you have to keep in mind that Raiders may try to attack your Caravan of goods, so you can send Soldiers to follow and guard a Caravan on its journey.

This could be used for other factions as well.

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I remember there was discussion around this before, and it mainly revolved around how the multiple settlements are managed.

Are they done so you have free reign to build things anywhere on the map so essentially you have ‘multiple settlements’ but they don’t truly act independently of each other.

Or do you have some structure/ item that acts as a ‘base’ building signifier, something that says “this is a new settlement” and the game acts accordingly.

It would be incredible to build multiple settlements, organise trade between them (especially if one was in a area particularly wealthy in ore, and another particularly stocked up with livestock) and play accordingly - of course it would potentially be difficult maintaining the same levels of attention on both settlements at once.

Perhaps affording a settlement a huge amount of autonomy so you can easily dip in and out of different ones should you desire to would be best, although that itself throws up a few issues when it comes to settlement defence.


That may well be the purpose of the banner.

I hope this will be possible, and so make a way for materials that can only be gained in a specific biome. So you will need to build more settelments or trade offcourse.

What if there was a ‘battle notification’ type thing you clicked on and it threw you to the scene of the fight or it just says x town is getting attacked and it becomes your job to pan to them asap