You can make other city?

I dont know if that is really asked before or not (probably was asked like 902358493758 times).

But the real question is… If u can have more than one city… and you have soooo long distance between they… We can have any option for instant move the camera for see the center of the city what we have selected previously?

as it stands now, the game is really focused on just your one city… unless i’ve missed a nugget somewhere, there are no current plans for multiple cities, or travel between them…

having said that, i fall back to the requisite response: mods :wink:

Nope you’ve got it all right!

It was asked in one of the streams and the guys talked about how you could manage that, but the general message was that they want to focus on one settlement.

With multiple settlements I think you then start to lose that focus of the city management and start entering the realm of a grand strategy game … that’s not to say that you can’t have the two running side by side, but things will inevitably become impersonal and have a completely different feel.

But of course[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:2, topic:1759”]
i fall back to the requisite response: mods :wink:


I don’t like the idea of running multi towns sounds like people could become over powered at some point later on.

What is there to stop someone building of in a random location and starting a separate settlement to their first?

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I can sorta understand the upsides and downsides of multiple towns

For example say you’ve already built your main town and have built your majority of building types, and after time exploring the surrounding area you came across multiple resources that you don’t have or have run out of. So you could send new towns people their and start a gathering town, or you find some Bunny-people and you become good friends with them, but they ask for safety against mobs or something so instead of making a barracks nearby you could make a little military town which will support your troops there and you’ll be able to have a faster recruiting option for them.

Although these are good/ok options, they will cost time, resources, and people to commit to it and you may not have that.Plus you never know what unforeseen events may take place, such as if you have a majority of your troops at said military town and a Goblin raiding party or a Titan comes and attacks you will not have the sufficient amount of Fighters to protect your main town.

What defines a city hasnt really been stated yet. its possible that in game if u want a small outpost or hamlet, or even another city you could possibly just build it and they will come. wither or not this is possible should be answered bt the time we get the beta.

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Yep, your example its the same example i think when i try to explain that.

If u see resources that you dont have, will be nice if u make a new outpost and start to take all the resources!

I dont want a megacity like your main city, but a little town for gather resources sound good ^^

So basically we could all have (for an example) many small towns around different areas each doing different tasks and never have one main city right?

i suppose that depends on what is considered a “city” in SH… at the end of the day, there is nothing stopping you (that we’re aware of) from plopping down 3-4 houses over here, leaving some empty space in-between (farmland, pasture, whatever you think is best)… and then plopping down another 3-4 houses over there…

you would now have units running to and fro performing tasks in-between your two new “cities”…


Agreed @SteveAdamo . It may only waste time in the long run if Towns people keep running back and forth though to any and all tasks to be done at 2 or more small towns.

It would be cool if you could import a town you already have in a different save to spawn in ungenerated land to be a neighboring city to trade with or to form a country. Just a idea

But we have to look at this with @Tom and @Ponder (Tony) 's point of view to do that would probably take a numerous amount of coding. Although your Idea is simply fantastic (don’t let this put you down in any way I just think they won’t have time). Although it may not be within the game someone could mod it in!!!

I like that idea too but I reckon it would be better if old cities were ruins in new worlds that generated world events.

we’re now veering into the territory of this thread:smile:


Its time for multithread! XD

Well, we will see what happen when our hands touch the game ò_ó

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And that my friend, shall be his demise. :smiling_imp: