Splitting the town

I was thinking. Later in-game, when your town is big enough to where you can make more towns, how can you keep track of that? And how about when you go into realms, how will the camera work between your town and the other realm? My suggestion is, different kinds of standard. Much later into the game, you can craft 2 new types of standards. Semi-standards and scout standards. When you craft a new standard, buttons will show up in the top-left corner of the screen. Pressing these buttons will allow you to switch between the camera view of the different standards you have (thus fixing the realm problem). Now, for the difference between scout and semi-standards.

Scout standards- Are carried by someone you send on an exploration party. The main purpose of scout standards is to keep track of these exploring parties. They are somewhat short+small. The only time someone doesn’t carry these is when the exploring party stops to rest for the night, in which case, the standard will be put by the campfire and/or tents. The carrier of the scout standard is considered the leader of the exploration group.

Semi-standards- Mark the founding of a new town. These still belong to your empire. The main purpose of Semi-standards is to keep track of towns separate from your main one. Upon the destruction of a semi-standard, that marks that your new town has been destroyed. Semi-standards look identical to normal ones, but they’re shorter. Upon the event that your main town is destroyed, however, your minor towns can work as back-ups, and the highest net-worth Semi-standard town becomes your new main town. (So, potentially, if the portal back home and the main standard is broken, the entirety of the rest of your playthrough could be in an entirely different realm!)


This sounds like a pretty good idea, but those buttons in the top left corner for the realms could be the individual realms aswell. You don’t really need standards for that (if you understand what i mean). Though it would be nice if you could mark a spot so that your camera will go there everytime you switch to that realm. Just wrote my thoughts down, i know this is not very usefull :stuck_out_tongue:

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i always just wright my thoughts down… i guess i’m not very helpful then… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I meant that i basically said that it was not useful but useful at the same time, which is why my comment was kind of useless

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You might find these of interest.


Thanks for all the links!

Would it show all the realms or just the ones you know exist?

I think only the ones you know exist would be the best way to play it. No reason to ruin the surprise or overwhelm the player with too much information at the start

I agree with paranundrox. it would be nice if the game gave you little hints that there may be other realms out there

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You could probably do that through a scripted event, like the current Goblin encounters, or build the story through casual mentions by traders, etc. though i don’t see this aspect of the game coming for quite some time :stuck_out_tongue:

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No me neither :stuck_out_tongue: it’s fun to speculate about though. Lore is an important part to making a good game great

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