Boats? yeah... Boats. Or ships

Well I would hope there were cannons =]

And of course the main reason would be for trading.

Had always kinda hoped for the ability to mod in some kind of airships… with like, cannons and bombs and stuff. Would be cool…

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Something that I just thought about was boats! In the Kickstart video(1:47) you can see a Ocean between to contenets. Maybe your favorite module lies over the ocean.Will we have to make some kind of harbour or giant workshop, to make these boats? Will there be Pirates? Will we have to make a giant bridge? Leave your ideas below!

By the power vested in me by the Stonehearth deities MERRRRRRGE

Boats, I believe, won’t be in the game until post-post-release. The timeframe, if I can remember correctly, was something like “before year 2018” or something like that. I’m pretty sure that they won’t have any sort of use/interaction with water for quite a while after release.

hahaha… i hadnt heard that quote, but i suppose its possible… :smiley:

here’s a mention of water (no boats however) from @Geoffers747’s Q&A thread

Answering questions regarding water and water physics.

“Re water: We’re working on it! Water is…hard. There will certainly
be water in the game, and we want it to behave in water like way, with
flow, dams, etc.”

Ive heard that sea exploration might be post release but I would like to develop the Idea of ships and the building of it. For building ships I think there should be categories of ships that you can build on trading ships, frigates man of wars or roman ships or Japanese ships, the viking longship and also the famous log boat a log with a hole in it. and then it depends on how skilled the shipwright/ship builder is and how many you have to build and speed up the process but you can edit them to advantages for you with rams more cannons etc.) then the classes which upgrade from a carpenter it becomes then a ship builder after a lot of upgrading a shipwright who makes frigates man-of-wars and advanced armed trade ships(cannons and stuff) Feedback would be appreciated

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I have played Stonehearth for a while now, and I recon it could benifit having bigger, vaster oceans that, after sailing through, you can find awesome islands covered in magical/dangerous things with big loot. I think it would improve the game as it would make a more “adventurous” style to the game, and encorouge people to step outside the saftey of there own town, and venture through the unknown. You could add boats, docs and cannon ships. Also, you could have sea battles, with Goblin ghost ships trying to go and kill you. But it cpuld require bigger maps though, but I think it could be something intoresting and coll to add.

:grinning: Please comment what you think about the idea!

I remember Tom talking about this on the streams and was generally thought of as something post release probably in some sort of expansion.

I would very much love to see this, though from the latest i heard from the streams the world/map size as it is now is still tweaked so we may be lucky and get something earlier but who knows.

what if there were like, customisable boats? like, building an entire boat with enough rooms and beds and supplies and things for the journey? that would be awesome


…and build several boats to conquer a new territory, building chests to carry your goods, pirate ships for finding booty, maybe there could be a mod where the campaign is island hopping a bit like in Settlers 2…

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ship building would probably be pretty “late game” though, wouldnt it? like, having enough hearthlings and enough materials to build an entire boat, let alone making the boat.

i guess like, little small boats could be a thing too, for one or two hearthlings to travel a short distance, or maybe fishing?

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That would be incredible, as I think it could add creativity to the whole system, and a whole new housing system!!!

Dude. dude. houseboats dude. house. boats.

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Blast from the past: Boats? yeah... Boats. Or ships

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will there be fishing or boats docks and if so you could add a sea monster to make sailing dangerous and my last question will you add rivers and water falls?

You can create rivers and waterfalls but why not having waterfalls from the core of the moutain.
For the sea… lake monster, it’s a bit soon :laughing:

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Waterfalls and rivers will be there. Fishing has been mentioned. idk (kinda doubtful of sailing) but dont quote me on that.

water creatures will be there, (the alligator is being worked on)


I believe you can already design ships, just not use them. But with out some purpose like getting to a different biome or trading i don’t see why you would need moving ships. With your villagers being inmortal and not drowing you seem to be able to build in the water. There for you can design if only a bit slow and intense construction by using the solo block and build like pixel by pixel and layer by layer.

I believe i saw a design of a harbor here on the forum. That would have a nice look to gather with ships. Maby in my next building challenge if i find a seed with allot of water :wink:

Yes u can Design ships, I have designed many. just not usable.