Water Worlds and Islands

I was thinking how cool a map would be with several islands (once water is implemented) where you had to build a boat to travel back and forth between them. Doesn’t have to be swimming or anything (maybe later), but just simple boat rowing to and fro to build/expand and farm supplied (and deal with goblins of course).

I know this would be a ways off, but wanted to get the thought out there…


Adding to that, we need a way to build custom boats in vanilla, even if it’s as simple as marking an existing building as a boat.

Otherwise we’re going to need to make a Stonehearth version of the Minecraft Archimedes Ships mod.


I cant wait to build a coastal city, with a harbor. And id love to have ship and have it unload goods to the city. If we ever get canons, warships will maby be possible aswell


shipwright unlocked!


I smell hilarity in the incoming future.


As long as the boats do not act anything like the Minecraft boats :smile: (Fix your game dinnerbone!)


Boy, no kidding. Still as bad as they ever were…

What’s wrong with the boats in minecraft?

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it just takes skill i was actually really good at them but i can understand

Well to start off with, The players don’t exactly stay in the boats, they kinda float off after a few seconds, and also they break by them self after a few minutes too, Just to start you off! :stuck_out_tongue:


Plus…they’re boxes. Literally, just little boxes dropped in the water.

I wouldn’t mind something a little more epic, at least farther into the game…

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Minecraft 1.9 is supposed to fix boat mechanics, finally!

Hopefully Radiant gets things right the first time around (and doesn’t make boats gradually get buggier and less useful over time.)

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i went to like this, and it told me i had 17 seconds to wait before i could like it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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