Aquatic civilizations

I was thinking could there be a more coastal or island based way of playing.
For instance maybe, you could have fishermen and raider classes. You could also have boats and ocean navigation.
Can you tell me what you guys think.

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Sounds like a lot of fun.

Two things: Would rely on boats, either private modders will inevitably make these or we wait for an official release.

Would require water to be worked out. Which the devs are working on.

I think it sounds fun personally, I usually try to play this way when I play games like civ or even AOE to a lesser extent.

I think this would be very cool. Especially if ocean navigation was pretty in-depth. This would look super cool as well, especially if you could build out into the water.

Please elaborate. No More Need Be Said.


Age Of Empires

Series of RTS games focused on building up a town, securing resources, etc. You could play on a variety of island-style maps.

Could have several different towns on different islands with a strong navy. Was good fun.

I like this idea. It would bring a bit of variation to the game, much like the Dwarven Civilizations. But I imagine it wouldn’t be restricted to a certain environment (eg: Caves), as much as it would be an extension to overworld play.

This idea is pretty interesting! With this, you could potentially have a Peppolsian-war style scenario, with a navy strong town and an army strong town.

In all games I can, i play as an ocean faring civilization, from minecraft to civ, so I really do hope fishing ships, trade ships and all other benefits will be in the core game.
I’d ideally love to be a whaling civ, dragging them, and butchering them in my town. But that might much to expect in the core game.

Friends, Romans, Raiders lend me your ears and I shall say to thou that you can make Island nations such as Ireland and Cuba. with this I’d like to say that they would get better sea warfare and invasions from the sea, so imagine attacking by land and sail an army through a sea town at the port.
Another idea to be is that you might have something very different from geomancers, but wait for it!.. seaomancers! who control the tides and summon beats from the deep!

…Seaomancers. Not the most “cool” name I would have chosen. Hmm… Perhaps, Watercharmers? Sorcerers of the Sea? I dunno, seems kind of hard to label a name for the class…

Aquamancers sounds good to me and fits in with the confirmed Geomancer.


No Man Can Tame The Sea.

Harken to my tale, lads of the land. The sea holds many charms about her neck, and many secrets within her deeps and currents. One of these secrets be the tale of the people who call the sea their home. They be more than sailors or seafarers, as they have brine for bones and salt for blood! They know the temptress waves as if they were an extension o’ their own bodies. Aye, they be one with the sea thereselves.
There are those who live above the sea, the cities floatin’ about with the currents, aided with sails harked up above their houses and buildin’s.
And there are those that live below her, along her curved floor. They are like the merpeople of legend, with scales o’er the skin and tails like the fishies on this here table! And their cities grow from the sandy floor with great spires o’ coral and farms o’ seaweed as far as the depths will let you see and beyond.
Those above use ships gilded from driftwood inta unnatural shapes, but with such beauty as to make the hardest o’ blaggards weep at the sight. But, the wonders o’ the people below are more so, as their ships be not dependent on the winds, nor do they sail on the waves, but swim about themselves under ‘em! Aye lads, like the ship o’ Captain Nemo it cuts through the waters, and filled with such glories and treasures as to leave a pirate speechless.
Oh stop gigglin’ you landlubber giddies and help a poor old sailor such as I ta’ me bunk. Tomorra I might even tell some more o’ me tales for yer unbelieven’ ears to hear.

i beg to differ…

but alas, i am confused as to the specific intent for this thread… is it about naval warfare? or new aquatic races?

I think that it is about both, the original topic was kind of on settlement and sea benefits. Then it kinda turned to warfare.

So, they gather music from the ocean? :stuck_out_tongue:


Aquaman controls only the inhabitants of the Ocean not the Ocean herself

Please say “its…” The ocean does not have a gender.

The Ocean is a cruel mistress do not anger her. You should know that more then most, Cthulu

He has power over all bodies of water in addition to underwater creatures.