DT: Water Additions


Nice work @Albert :smiley:


All I can think of now is the addition of boats and floating hearthlings with the float physics. And even possibly floating fortresses. I would say add this to the base game but not till after full release


I feel for astetic points, the crate needs to float higher than at surface level. Maybe a few points higher. Though then it would break your computers, but still…


Can boats/rafts become possible in the main game now with that demonstration of the floating crate?


Very interesting, even just the floating/sinking crates adds so much more possibilities. Although I must admit, my first thought wouldn’t have been, lets build a computer, but a transport system (although I guess the crates can only go up/down):

Make empty crates float, when completely filled they sink and block the water channel. Then water pressure pushes the crate to an outlet where the hearthlings collect the items, making the crate lighter again and sending it back to the beginning. I know, probably way too complicated to add to stonehearth, but at least it seems more usefull than a computer (can hearthlings play stonehearth, in stonehearth on a water-powered pc? :slight_smile: )


@Albert You got the title of stonehearth nerdiest member.
Is this how you fix water bugs? Making sure it works in your machines? :stuck_out_tongue:

In Archipelago I have a simple component to make things float, but it is just a little hack.

location.y = math.max(location.y, water_level)
radiant.entities.move_to(self._entity, location)

You guys mentioned that it will not be in the main game, but it was a little ambiguous. It will never be in the game and was just a quick fun exercise, or it will be in the game just really not soon?


That was super interesting to watch, i’ll put my vote in to add it to the game as a mod… or otherwise. :smiley:


Really this just started out as an exercise to generate more boundary conditions that I needed to fix in the water code. It ended up taking on a life of its own and once you have a NOR gate it’s kind of a crime not to take it to its logical conclusion and build an adder.

The floating physics ended up being harder to implement, and a lot more janky than I expected. The code is terrible, has poor performance, and only works for 1x1 objects. Open questions like how to handle larger objects and why floating objects don’t travel downstream also keep this out of scope from being a real feature for the moment.


Ugh, flashbacks to my ENG 162 class in college. -Eyes roll back in head, starts drooling- :fearful:


@Albert amazing job! It looks like it was really challenging to get it working. I can’t even imagine all the edge cases.

Personally, I would love it if pumps made it into the game. I’m okay even with magic ones, that use no pipes. I think at that point, you could start doing cool things with water.

Keep up the great work, everyone!


Totally Awesome!

@Albert - was playing around with the old water mod to get a spring working but can’t seem to get it to produce water (stripped out everything else, can place the object and it animates but no water comes out… and I don’t know how to fix that). Could you please please give us a mini mod that produces water?

Thank you!

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@moai @Sunrider - We’re working on something that will replenish water…


Great - can we have it yesterday? :wink:

(even if just a ‘spawn water’ in the debug tools)


I want to like this 10 million times.


I hope the floating physics get polished up. This sort of feature is more important than it seems – a system complex enough to do this stuff is complex enough to have emergent gameplay in other ways too. Great work!


So, by my count, the last holiday season (and I presume other free-time periods leading up to it) resulted in both this awesomeness, the animation improvements to have expressive eyes, some new furniture styles… quite possibly other secret projects we haven’t heard about yet…

is it too early to start calling for mandatory long weekends/holiday breaks for the team to encourage this creativity? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually on a serious note, part of the reason I trust Team Stonehearth to get there in the end is exactly this sort of situation where you have fun with the game you’re making and aren’t just making it as a day job. Obviously any major project is still going to occupy your mind outside office hours; but if you can turn that into an awesome proof-of-concept (or an awesome new animation system, or an awesome new furniture design, or so on), it’s great for the health of the game and that, in turn, is good for the community :merry:


I definitely want to be able to make a switch in the base game to turn on/off aqueducts/watermills/water silo’s in the future


This is so cool! One of the best DT i have seen in a while and now i am wondering if there are small hearthlings living inside my calculator? haha great job with this so far @Albert i look foward to see what you end up with in the future…

Thank you :jubilant:


…That run Stonehearth? (Left as an exercise to the viewer)

As someone that has worked through a university math textbook, this was a fun thing to read.

Edit: P.S. though you forgot to say it was trivial.

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Almost 3 years ago we couldn’t even keep the trees on the ground and now we have working computers.