Water doesn't float?

I dug up some space next to a lake of water because I wanted that the water would flow into the newly free space but it only tried it once as I dug up the space. It never did anything later on

Steps to reproduce:

  1. take “dig tunnel” and let hearthlings clear the space next to the water
  2. wait till they finished

Expected Results:
Water should flow into the newly created hole so I have more space filled with water

Actual Results:
It doesn’t float

Version Number and Mods in use:
No relevant mods

Water physics are not yet implemented. it is still really buggy. i thought it was on their to do list!

is there any way ort trick to fill it with water per command? or another idea for “hiding” that try? xD

I dont think there is a undo option, exept for loading one of your older saves. Or building around it to make some kind of dock :jubilant:

I think I might have read something about them working on water physics, not 100% certain though.

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in the future (at least until they fix the water) dig out the area exept a small wall against the water, when you have the new area ready, then mine a small hole in your wall and the game can better calculate where the water should end up :merry:


Could it work to just build a wall to the water and break it when its finished?

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no, it wont work like that. the water ignores contructed structures.

Doesn’t it only ignore structures when it’s started flowing before said structure was finished? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen screenshots of water flowing over built aqueducts.

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you know what?, that might very well be. there is some threads somewhere on the discourse about it… or it need to be tested again.

When this happens, just save your game, completely close out of stonehearth, and reload it. Water will begin flowing and level out.

nop. playing this map for 1-2 weeks now. still, nothing new happened

I’ve made aqueducts before, and they work just fine, so long as you build the duct before releasing the water.


building blocks in water displaces the water as well. Since i used that to raise my water levels.