[Res] [Stable 210] Floating Trees

Getting quite a few mysteriously floating trees in build 210. These aren’t the same as where trees spawn on top of other trees or on cliffs. These trees are waaaaaaay up in the air and quite a few of them. I noticed because I saw moving, tree-shaped shadows on the ground and thought it a bit strange. Screenshots below.


i can confirm,

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So, with this bug if you put the cursor over one of the floating trees and zoom out and then repeat as you go you can end up in the stratosphere :stuck_out_tongue:

These things keep going up and up and up into the sky for a VERY long ways


I get this as well. here is a picture Gyazo - e1229f6e1b29c4deedd8ef9c53091ffd.png

wow, nice! :smile:

thanks for the report and confirmation… [tagged]

The goblins have developed hot air balloons but their idea of camouflage needs a bit of work. Next up, goblin paratroopers disguised as cows under flying saucers.


that would have to be yaks, if im not mistaken, right @Gridnick :wink:

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Oh, my goodness…

Can you use the F11 debug key? I’d like to see the regions of those trees…


there already is a threas like this, can anyone merge them? :smiley:

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Just started a game in the latest (210) and saw this:

Can confirm, I’ve been seeing these as well. Happily the console takes care of them, but I’ve not tried harvesting them yet :slight_smile: .

Weird but lots of possibilities non the less :stuck_out_tongue:


lol… tree house in the sky :smiley:

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yes i have the floating trees also, must be universal

Already confirmed I see, but still can’t hurt to throw in my own confirmation I suppose. This was unfortunately in an earlier recording which I lost, so I have no footage, but I too saw this.

(Apparently, I done goofed a bit about this also.)

Have also got the floating trees o.o

Not sure if this is a bug (and even if it is it’s rather minor), so I’m making this a suggestion instead. In the later releases, aside from the larger, slower clouds that cast mild shadows on the landscape, there are apparently denser and/or closer, smaller clouds (judging by the smaller but darker shadows they cast). This is fine in itself, but it looks rather strange when they move in different directions than the larger clouds, as they do. I suppose they could be at a different altitude and therefore caught by different wind currents, but, I don’t know, it just looks a bit off, to me.

See the video at, for example, 21:45.

I one hundred percent agree with you @Phagocytosis as a matter of fact I mentioned this in several streams, most people didn’t think it was a big deal. So far @Tom hasn’t talked about it at all.

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Well, it won’t have the same priority as some of the bigger (actual) bugs like crashes and framerate issues and whatnot, but it’s good to have it reported anyway for if and when they get the bigger stuff out of the way, so that they can afford to look into the more detailed stuff. But yes, I do think it’s worth fixing, eventually.