Floating Crops Bug

Numerous Floating Crops and Plants!

Various crops and plants seem to float, it seems to be the same two crops in each field that have
this strange effect. Hearthlings are able to harvest these crops but it is defiantly a bug ^^

Here are some screenshots of different Fields with offending Vegetables :stuck_out_tongue:!

Alpha 11 release -453 (x64)

Isn’t that Alpha 11, or has my counting gone horribly off track?


Those crops look… possessed?

Is there anything below, like a cave or something? Was there anything there before you plotted your farm on that place? It’s weird that they can be harvested.

I edited that on his posts to correct it. I think I have OCD with the versions… x___x


Yes sorry it is alpha 11, ive lost a build somewhere xD
nope theres no cave, it could have somthing to do with how ive got my fences/gates set up there might be a bounding box error or somthing?

Yes, the collision regions for the picket fence gate are off. Fixed for Alpha 12. Thanks!