Crops float in air when item placed crossing into farm

i have test it with replacing and without and cant reproduce it -.-

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I was able to reproduce it. can you also try to make a block of 11x11 with carrots and something else, with fences arround it.
-They will grow on top of the fences when harvested; when the fence is gone, they will grow like normal again.


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looks interessting ^^ sometimes it happens and sometimes not ^^

when you have the debugtools can you try to change the region of the right fences to:

0.25 - 0 - 0.25
0.75 . 2 - 0.75

soo i have reproduced it and its like i have mentioned its an region issue ^^

so @yshan please change the region of the fences and then its all ok ( with this also the bug with the hearthling which cant reach the fences will be removed xD)

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Nice found @Wiese2007; it looks a region issue indeed.
I just installed the debugging tools, i must say i’m new to this.

  • i have tried to change the region as you mentioned with 0.25-0-0.25; nothing happens.
    -I have tried to change the region as you mentioned with 0.75-2-0.75, but it seems to place my fence in the air.
  • when i used 0.75-0-0.75; everything grows like normal after that.
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hmmm normally the 2 means 2 high … with a 0 it shouldnt show a fence anymore xD

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Lol, strange.
The savegame (6.4 MB)

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ok do you mean the collision region or the model region? when you push f11 you should see a black box around the fence

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I have tried the "Region Origin with 0.75 - 0 - 0.75 " and that seems to solve the issue.
But i just tried the collision region as well as you mentioned:
Min: 0.25 - 0 - 0.25
Max: 0.75 . 2 - 0.75

That also fixes the issue.


Somehow my crop grew ON the tree, instead of on the ground…
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote a farmer, grow some tree saplings.
  2. Place a crop.
  3. Place a tree sapling directly beneath the crop, so that the tree’s crown is above the crop.

Expected Results:
The crop should grow on the tilled ground as usual.
Actual Results:
The crop grows on top of the tree.
Likely connected to a previous noted bug, listed here (farming on lowest y-plane).

Version Number and Mods in use:
A13-491 (latest stable release, I noticed only now I’m not playing on latest unstable, as I’m used to… why?)
System Information:
Win10 Pro, Nvidia Quadro FX1800M

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heh, this happened with fences and gates a bit back, paging @yshan


You mean this one @8BitCrab?

yeah, i thought it was fixed though, maybe it was just the gates that got fixed…

I didn’t see anything about gates…will go test this in A14 now…

Oh… I did search for an existing thread…
Perhaps Level 1 search is a lot better than mine… :wink:

Thanks for merging, @jomaxro!

EDIT: will update now, and call back if fixed.
EDIT2: forgot the incompatible saves part…

No worries. (To be honest I didn’t use search :scream:, I simply looked at all topics with a farming tag ( and saw this there…

well there’s your problem, it was before the tags were being used :wink:

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The use of TAGS was beyond me…

Seriously, thanks for pointing out that feature. Noticed the tags already, but didn’t use them yet.

Yeah, tags are great! You can see all tags in use by visiting

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Hi all,
I put in a fix for this in a14 2818
It won’t fix older farms, but newer farm crops should be at the correct location. Please let me know if you still see this happening.