Farming on Lowest Y Plane

So, I’m doing a dry run of my Guaranteed Goblin-Proof Housing Project™, but have unfortunately run into a bit of an issue.

Building the house itself was simplicity itself of course, but the problem lies in the internal farm: as you can see, whilst the zones are on the floor of the house where they should be, and whilst the land was tilled from inside the house, the tilled land & crops appeared below, and unfortunately could not be harvested.

It is imperative for the sake the GGPHP™ project - and of course, the artistic genius behind all this - that I not be forced to resort to such mundane solutions as using very thick floors and the like.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Some fellow calling himself “Sir Isaac” came up and started weeping when he saw the above, though I can’t for the life of me understand why. I’ve included some more pictures in the hopes that someone else here can figure out what he was so upset about…

Enjoy :slight_smile:


so, for the sake of thoroughness… and because this hurts my brain, walk us through how you created this particular … … situation? :smile:

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  1. I started with the usual multi-storey process: you create a roof-less house and order it built.

  2. Once at least the corner posts are up, you can start a new house on top of it, build some ladders up to where the 2nd house will be, and then order the old one removed immediately.

  3. Thanks to the ladders, the workers will be able to build the floating house.

  4. A ladder can be built into the door to allow for access to the interior, so you can move furniture in.

  5. Once your farmer is inside, you can then remove the ladder to trap him.

  6. In terms of placing the zones, well that works just like normal, except for some reason the crops & tilled fields appeared below the house, as per the original post, and so the farmer couldn’t farm them (too far away I guess).


If you recall, the newest video update called the zone tool the “XZ selector”. My guess is that nothing about the Y value is sent to whatever code places your zone…it probably just starts on the ground and goes up as high as it needs to before it finds a valid location. Try placing something on the ground where your farm would be that would prevent the zone from being placed there so it bumps itself up into your house.

He has cat complex.

Is this from the previous build? I thought it would be from the newest…

Can confirm this in r180:

Farms above caves will appear inside the cave, but be sown from the surface.

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Aha, finally it’s more important because it doesn’t just happen for crazy floating houses :). I can see this happening to anyone.

What about stockpiles above caves? Do your items show up underground?
Trapping zones? Do the traps show up underground?


Stockpiles seem to work fine, but I’m not 100% sure I was over a cave… Might test this out later

Some test scenarios to test for those interested:

  1. Farm underground, see if there’s an outline or a farm zone on the surface
  2. Farm on surface, two underground levels below it - see if the farm is on B1 or on B2
  3. Farm on second storey floor in a building built above a cave (I’m expecting this to be on B1 rather than ground level)
  4. The three above scenarios, but with stockpiles instead.
  5. Same, except with trap zones


A farm was placed on the second storey (not shown) and on the ground floor. It seems that they always drop to the lowest possible level (B2). All sowing/ploughing/hoeing was done on the floors I had placed zones on.

I replaced the farm zones with stockpiles, but my game crashed. Not sure if the crash was related to the stockpiles, though I haven’t been having many crashes lately. I’m too lazy to try again atm, but I’d also like to test placing two farm zones over the same area on different levels


Farming seems to occur on the lowest Y plane.

Steps to Reproduce:
Make farm plots over a mined cave, or on top of a building, etc.

Expected Result:
Farmer tills and grows in zoned area.

Actual Result:
Farming happens in the caves below.

I believe this was posted before but with multi-story buildings, but I’m not sure if this is a different problem… I’m assuming it’d be an issue with the zoning not taking the Y values into account which would affect both multi-story buildings and caves?

yes, and I’ve merged it here… but I prefer your report title and have adjusted this OP to reflect that…

your images are excellent as well… :+1:

I was making a compact village, when suddenly the crops spawned 2 levels below the ground in an excavated cave beneath the farming zones.
Pictures: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

See here:

Hey Guys,

Sorry if this was a known or posted issue,

I was making a farm, and under that farm was my mine, Pretty much what happened is the dirt and crops fell through the grass, Only half of my 10X10 did this though

All I did to re=produce this was make a mine underground and place a farm on top :stuck_out_tongue:

Again Sorry if this is known or a topic is already open about this, Did a bit of searching and couldn’t find anything.

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I’d say its better to have duplicates than to miss a bug… thanks for the report! :slight_smile:


Well, this one is finally fixed! Available in the next patch.


Wow, you’re just ninja-patching all these bugs! Good work!

[And to the rest of Radiant too, I didn’t mean to make you all feel jealous.]

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