[NaB] Vertical farming bug

Summary: I tried making a multi-storey vertical farm, using the technique in this thread: Multi-Story Buildings
Farm plots placed on the uppermost level dropped to the lowest floor possible. Plots on top of wall sections remained on the uppermost floor.

To reproduce:

  1. Make a small building with a door but no roof.
  2. Build a floor over the walls, remove the edges with eraser, as well as a hole for ladder access.
  3. Add a set of walls to the higher floor, build ladders up the outer side of the ground-floor wall to act as scaffolding.
  4. Add inner ladder for access.
  5. Rinse, repeat for as many floors as you’d like
  6. Place farm plot on top floor.

Expected result:

Top floor gets covered in soil and plants are planted.

Actual result:

Farm plots from the top floor drop to the ground floor.
Plots over walls remain on top, except where I have placed a door.
I have not placed any farm zones on the lower levels.


I’m all for freedom to experiment with features, and I think it would be nice to be able to plant on roofs (anywhere, really) if we choose to do so. I don’t know how people would feel about indoor planting. I don’t see it as much of a game feature TBH, unless sunlight exposure is coded in to make those plots barren/low yield. Also, should farms be allowed to be placed on floors? May I suggest requiring a layer of dirt blocks to be moved to the area?

I haven’t tested this with stockpiles, but they should definitely not drop to the lowest level when placed above.

Probably not useful at this point, as multi storey buildings aren’t ready yet. Hope this helps anyways!


well… i’m not entirely sure that discovering an odd sideeffect when exploting an existing bug, should be considered a new bug… :wink:

we dont yet have multitiered buildings, so being able to plant on elevated levels isnt an existing design mechanic… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: tagging this NaB, but leaving it open so Team Radiant can give it a viewing…


Yeah, I think Radiant need to limit where you can plop farm plots down in future. Indoor farms should be a special feature for greenhouses, dwarves, rooftop gardens & such, as opposed to a standard thing for any old building XD .


Kudos for the creativity though. I never would’ve thought of that! Do you have some mod that allows multiple stories or have you found a work-around?

Haha! That’s nice :smile:

Wow, didn’t even think about farming on top of my tower, nice idea… I wonder why that happened, though… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have a look at the link in my first post! It’s a workaround that lets you build multi-storey buildings, no hacks involved. The discoverer has more details on tower building in his thread and has even made crenelations/battlements out of floor tiles.

Btw… j201? Are you into building guitar effects???

Haha no. I came up with this name when I was nine. My dog’s name at the time was Daisy Jane, and that was back when AOL messenger was the new thing and it was cool to have random numbers at the end of your name. I see no reason to go with anything different now, fewer user names to keep track of and it’s been a name that’s followed me for years :slight_smile:

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