Crops float in air when item placed crossing into farm

Lol, or we grow crop above fences :stuck_out_tongue:



i think you use the mod endpieces when im right :wink: nomally there shouldnt be t-junctions ^^

so its an region issue ^^

Did they grow on the fence or did you put the fence after they were picked up ?

i have test it with replacing and without and cant reproduce it -.-

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I was able to reproduce it. can you also try to make a block of 11x11 with carrots and something else, with fences arround it.
-They will grow on top of the fences when harvested; when the fence is gone, they will grow like normal again.


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looks interessting ^^ sometimes it happens and sometimes not ^^

when you have the debugtools can you try to change the region of the right fences to:

0.25 - 0 - 0.25
0.75 . 2 - 0.75

soo i have reproduced it and its like i have mentioned its an region issue ^^

so @yshan please change the region of the fences and then its all ok ( with this also the bug with the hearthling which cant reach the fences will be removed xD)

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Nice found @Wiese2007; it looks a region issue indeed.
I just installed the debugging tools, i must say i’m new to this.

  • i have tried to change the region as you mentioned with 0.25-0-0.25; nothing happens.
    -I have tried to change the region as you mentioned with 0.75-2-0.75, but it seems to place my fence in the air.
  • when i used 0.75-0-0.75; everything grows like normal after that.
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hmmm normally the 2 means 2 high … with a 0 it shouldnt show a fence anymore xD

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Lol, strange.
The savegame (6.4 MB)

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ok do you mean the collision region or the model region? when you push f11 you should see a black box around the fence

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I have tried the "Region Origin with 0.75 - 0 - 0.75 " and that seems to solve the issue.
But i just tried the collision region as well as you mentioned:
Min: 0.25 - 0 - 0.25
Max: 0.75 . 2 - 0.75

That also fixes the issue.


Somehow my crop grew ON the tree, instead of on the ground…
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote a farmer, grow some tree saplings.
  2. Place a crop.
  3. Place a tree sapling directly beneath the crop, so that the tree’s crown is above the crop.

Expected Results:
The crop should grow on the tilled ground as usual.
Actual Results:
The crop grows on top of the tree.
Likely connected to a previous noted bug, listed here (farming on lowest y-plane).

Version Number and Mods in use:
A13-491 (latest stable release, I noticed only now I’m not playing on latest unstable, as I’m used to… why?)
System Information:
Win10 Pro, Nvidia Quadro FX1800M

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heh, this happened with fences and gates a bit back, paging @yshan


You mean this one @8BitCrab?

yeah, i thought it was fixed though, maybe it was just the gates that got fixed…

I didn’t see anything about gates…will go test this in A14 now…

Oh… I did search for an existing thread…
Perhaps Level 1 search is a lot better than mine… :wink:

Thanks for merging, @jomaxro!

EDIT: will update now, and call back if fixed.
EDIT2: forgot the incompatible saves part…

No worries. (To be honest I didn’t use search :scream:, I simply looked at all topics with a farming tag ( and saw this there…

well there’s your problem, it was before the tags were being used :wink:

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