[d2940 x64] Berry Bush unharvestable

Since Alpha 16 I’ve noticed that I can regularly reproduce this bug:

– start fresh game, pick location near berries.
1st - move 4-6 berry bushes from their original locations to a pattern with as little space as possible.
2nd - attempt to harvest berries
3rd - observe 2-3 bushes are no longer interactable, cannot be harvested, moved, or destroyed regardless if Cancel Task is used.

I believe this is because your citizens can’t reach them. If so this is not an issue in alpha 16. I have had it in alpha 14 and alpha 15. I just allow 1 block space on the side with the arrow. That allows them to reach it.

Do you have screenshots to clarify the issue if it has a different cause?

What is weird is if there was an issue, you’d expect other ones to have issues too. I can also not move them even if I cancel the harvest issue and attempt to move them.

figured out how to get out of this, if I moved the plants around the ones which couldn’t be interacted with, then I could move the ones which were stuck.

Does this issue persist after quitting the game and then restarting? If so, please upload the save and I will take a look

hello! it does, how do I upload a save? I was able to fix it after moving the bushes around, but I can move them back and upload so you can see the issue.

I see the reason!

The bushes at the right side are next to a block that’s 1block higher than the bush’s block, yet the Hearthlings can’t interact with something that’s not on their gound level, so the two bushes on the right side that aren’t being harvested are blocked off by the blocks next to them!

While all the bushed that are accessible have at-least one side with no blocks or bushes!

And also bushes take a little more space than they seem to be, so put them a little more spaced out

Ps: aand also if you can’t interact with them you can’t move them, so you’ll have to move some of the accessible bushed out of the way so you can interact with the one that are currenty blocked off


So as i guessed its not really a bug or anything, they just can’t reach it :slight_smile: Perhaps the dev team can change it so the villagers can walk by the bush to reach the back part

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