Stacked Berry Bushes Broke Pathfinding

My first game played. I moved my berry bushes very close together 4 rows of 3 bushes. for some reason, they put the last row on top of the previous bushes. I naturally thought they stacked on top of each other, much as the bushes in Minecraft stack vertically. So I grabbed some more and stacked them on top of the middle row. When I tried harvesting them, they did not pop the harvest icon above them. I wasn’t sure if maybe I had them too close or whether they shouldn’t be stacked vertically, so I went to move the top bushes off and place them to a new spot further away. It turned the top bushes into potted plants that were sitting on top of the bushes underneath, but the toons did not pick them up, they just stood there with the job saying ‘placing Berry bush’. I’m assuming they cant reach them because they are on top of the lower bushes. I assigned the lower bush to be moved, as soon as another guy came and broke that one down, both were picked up and put in their respective places. The first toon stood there as long as it took for someone else to come get the bottom one though, so I would say lost path to bush on top of other bush.

Berry bushes and prickly pear cactus each require at least a 9-block square in order for the hearthlings to be able to move between them for harvesting.

to essentially solve this problem, is build a ladder to the top bush and they will move it. then move the next one and so on, letting the ladder being away to get there.


hey there @Aexius, sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile:

this isn’t actually a bug/pathfinding problem, it’s simply that the hearthlings can’t reach the top of the bushes, to fix it just build a ladder to the top of the bushes like @micheal_handy76_mh said :slight_smile: