Can't collect stacked berry bushes w/ both ladder and platforms

Can’t collect stacked berry bushes w/ both ladder and platforms (I really don’t know if this is a bug but more of a gameplay issue but I will post it anyway)
Steps to reproduce:

  1. find a group of berry bushes
  2. then without a way to place bushes on one bush, move bushes onto the bush with the little icon in the left hand corner (all bushes should have ghost in same spot)
  3. then make a little staircase so the hearthlings have a way to place the berry bush and watch the tower grow.
    4)then make a ladder going up the side of the berry bush tower and there is no way to collect the ones stacked up even if you try to harvest at different height on the bushes or from the ladder
  4. make a staircase and platforms next to the berry bush (me thinking that maybe I can use the platforms as a way to drag the harvest tool over to the bushes so I can queue them up to be collected) and try to collect them off the platforms (sadly I found you can’t use harvest tool on platforms)
    making the berry bushes unharvest able.

Expected Results:
I could harvest the berry bushes
Actual Results:
my hearthlings are lacking berries


Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

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I’d say it’s a gameplay issue… Maybe we shouldn’t be able to stack berry bushes :confused: