[Con] [r144] Overlapping Fun

Pic says it all…

Scaffolding covered the flat bit of farmland between the lines of crops, whilst the farmer worked at ground level to plant the seeds atop the walls. Didn’t test whether the crops would grow & be harvested, but based on the above I assume it’d work :stuck_out_tongue: .

I suggest that most/all zones have a 2-wide zone around them that prevents buildings being built too close.


I notice this with farm land if it crosses over something like silkweed. Instead of the silkweed being removed and fallowed ground put in place the two merge so I end up with crops and silkweed in the same place. I’m guessing weeding isn’t in place :wink:

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or just make the farmlands collider bigger on the Y axis. Then make the building designer notice that and say “Nope, you can’t build there.”

wow… 2 internet points to @Teleros for discovering one of the more peculiar bugs we’ve seen! :smile:


One of the best bugs I’ve seen, love it :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear I have seen that bug before.
Wait what? Another release? I always get to know the day after =(

Bug: auto build walls causing other bugs

When building a building close to another building, using auto complete walls will allow you to
designate walls where they should not be allowed to go.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build a building
  2. when building is finished designate a floor withing the 2block buffer around the house
  3. use autocomplete walls on floor, not that the wall drawing tool will not allow wall placement around the whole floor
  4. villegers will refuse to finish house

Expected Results:
ither not able to place floor/walls within the area, or autocomplete not placing walls in that zone

Actual Results:
unfinished houses


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Looks like the same thing as here:

Paging @SteveAdamo for a merge :slight_smile: .

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sometimes i find it really difficult to find a post on a bug that is similar.
one day ill figure out the trick.

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hahaha… no worries… i am just as confused more often than not… :wink:

i’ve just jumped between the two reports a few times to make sure they are essentially saying the same thing… and yeah, i think @Teleros is right, in that it boils down to a building designation spilling over into an area that it shouldnt be allowed to…

incoming merge!

edit: excellent report, by the way, @boomboom:+1:

should this thread possibly be renamed to something more specific? i suppose, given the confirmation posts, it is a fairly generic overlapping issue…