[1665] Minor Roof Bugs

First off, what happens when a roof has no slope at all?

Haven’t tried building it, but… I’m thinking there shouldn’t be overlapping wall and roof voxels like that :smiley: .

Now, what happens when we try to build too close to other structures? Error messages, that’s what :smiley: !

And the following errors…

Granted, you probably shouldn’t be building that close to another building / plan, but I’m thinking something more “official” is needed than error messages :wink: .


Heheh, that’s the built in Code Enforcement officers stating in error that your not allowed to build that close to your neighbor… Did you get a variance for that building?

Your comment brings up a concern to me over the expansion of your village for example you have a small (Shop) and want to expand the building (add more rooms, Another floor…) whatever. While you can go up its a tad more challenging to go N,S,E,W as part of the same building. Its clear the two block Scaffold rule is there to allow them to build, I’m not even sure if its something they can do without allowing you to come in and full edit an existing building. which brings up the topic about buildings from another post about floor plan layout and prefab walls. I don’t have a well thought out plan for a solution myself but will be interesting to see what develops out of this case

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