[new_builder](roofs) bug, missing feature, or suggestion?

There are a few things about the new builder that seem to not work; despite how much I feel it should:

  • you can’t use the hole tool on roofs (would be nice to be able to add, sky lights or Dormer windows)
  • you can’t have roofs that slant only one way, you can remove the other slants, but that just creates flat sections of roof (would be nice to let the slant reach to the other side, would also look even nicer if you could adjust the slant angle.)
  • removing the walls from the roof causes it to float at least one block above the walls, requiring you to raise them (easiest fix it to just remove the restriction of the roof base height not being allowed to be lowered)

Thanks for the post! Do you have an example or picture of how your second bullet point would look like?

yes. here’s what it looks like if you set only one side slanted:

as you can see, one side is flat. Also you can’t just shrink that side to get rid of it, since it only lets the peak rest at the roof’s midpoint.

so it would be nice if it would let me do things like this:

it may seem bad; but if I adjust the size of the roof, it could line up with other things, like a roof of a higher story.

for even better results and looks, stuff like this would be nice:

a low slanted roof would be great for terrain where wind blows up and down hill sides.


Thank you for the pics, I understand what you were talking about now :slight_smile: