[NaB] Red zone around building

i have a red thing rondom my house

and my farmers are harversting bur they dont clean it up

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hi there @Alexander … welcome aboard! :smile:

I don’t believe I have seen this before… is this preventing the structure from being built?

has anyone else seen this?

Had something happen like that one one house I tried to lay out but was a Silkweed plant there and that caused the red ring around my house and messed with the workers pathing

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I have seen this yes, some buildings are outlined in blue, some in red. I haven’t determined yet what causes it, maybe a tree in the way? Buildings too close to each other? Different floor styles? wish I knew.

Think it’s due to overlapping stuff, be it obstacles on the ground or zones (including scaffolding zones).


Pretty sure it’s this - it’s the games way of telling you that this is the zone around the building which you need to leave free. Though I may be wrong, it has happened before.


I think Geoffers747 is right, this has happened to me numerous times. Seems to be whenever I build too close to another structure or cliff wall or tree or anything else.


ok, thanks for the feedback folks! tagged it [NaB]…

@Alexander, I suppose its just a matter of adequate spacing between buildings and such… nothing to worry about… :smile:

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I’ve also encountered this, just now in fact, and I can say that it appeared when I placed a wall-mounted item on a building. It happened to 2 buildings, the first when I placed a wall-mounted lantern inside a building, and then when I placed a brightbell planter on another building. Hope this is useful information for fixing it.

hey there @Tasrayryn … welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the follow-up… would you mind sharing the exact steps you took? can you consistently reproduce the bug?

Unfortunately no, I can’t consistently reproduce the problem. As for the steps I took, for one building:

  1. I built a Shared Sleeping Quarters
  2. My townspeople completed it
  3. I built a Brightbell Planter
  4. I placed the planter on the exterior wall underneath a window

It was at step 4 when the red zone appeared on the building, even before the planter was placed (which it then was). My townspeople continued to use the building to sleep regardless of this.

For the other building:

  1. I designed a simple 17x22 building with a door and some windows.
  2. The building was completed
  3. I placed a Carpenter, Weaver, and Mason’s workbench at one end of the building and a stockpile covering half of the floorspace at the other end.
  4. I placed a wall-mounted lantern on the internal wall near the workbenches.

It was on step 4 again that the red zone appeared, and once again the item I placed was built after. Some of my artisans stopped using their workbenches after that, but I don’t think it was related. I’m pretty sure that was some sort of infectious laziness that started to affect all of my townspeople a few at a time, but that’s another bug entirely.

If it happens again I’ll try to take note of it and reply with more detail if I can.

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I was able to reproduce this event by removing a floor voxel from a building that had already been fully constructed.

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There’s some explanation as to this error here:

This issue happens at my game as well. I think it may be caused by the bent road placed near the building as seen in the picture:

As for the other building behind this one there should be enough space in between: