[Con] [1633] Objects can't be build near to buildings anymore

If you build a (L-shaped) house, you cannot build within the free space (attachment!). This bug is 100% new in [1633].

Steps to reproduce:

  • build a house (make it L-shaped to be more clear)
  • create an object
  • try placing an object within the “house area” (House area: imagine the house converted into a single rectangle large enough to encompass the entire foundations and scaffoldings)

Expected Results:
You can place the object.

Actual Results:
You cannot.


This is a screenshot of Alpha 5, where you can see that I’ve placed a lantern, a fence gate, a picket fence and a bed within the free space of a L-shaped-house.

However, in d1633 you will not be able to place these objects, because the cursor turns into a red X.

Versions and Mods:
d1633, no mods.


hey there @AltaHMano, thanks for the report… would you mind clarifying this part? I’ll admit, I’m a little groggy this morning, so it may be obvious… :smile:

but the area that is marked around the foundation of a building is where the scaffolding will go, yes? what is the “house area” you’re referring to?

No, I think by “house area” he means “as if the house were converted into a single rectangle large enough to encompass the entire foundations”, or maybe “…entire foundations plus scaffolding zone”.

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Exactly. English isn’t my mother tongue, so it’s rather hard to describe perfectly. But this one is a perfect explanation indeed. It’s a large rectangle that includes the house + scaffoldings. @SteveAdamo


I believe he means you cant build in the red area. Top Down view blue is the L house.


Just tested this and can confirm it in d1633. More info:

  1. You don’t need the building to be completed for this to be an issue either BTW - I couldn’t place things in the “forbidden rectangle” even whilst the house was under construction.

  2. You can’t place objects in the “forbidden rectangle” when merely designing a house - ie, BEFORE you choose to actually build it, but just have the floor layout done.

  3. In the case of #1, you cannot place within a forbidden rectangle equal in area to the scaffolding zone + building area.

  4. In the case of #2, you cannot place within the forbidden rectangle equal to the floor plan only.

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Thanks for showing off your paint skills Wombat!
Also, you can not build below the roof that laps over the walls.

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ahh, excellent… thanks for the confirmations and clarifications folks… :smile:


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Addendum : If you build an Inside Yard (a house with a garden inside) you can’t either :wink:

Moreover, even if you can place stockpiles there, you are not able to select them either to change the content or to remove them.


Made an L shaped house, wanting to put fence around the other sides and make a garden plot inside the extra space but it’s not letting me. I noticed this on another building where I made a U shaped building and nothing can be place inside a square boundary of the building. Is this intentional or accidental when it came to writing the coding for building? Will this be something that is changed or left the way it is? I hope it will. Love that you can make the houses any shapes you want. Leaves room for lots of creativity. Thanks for the replies.

Version 1658

It’s a known bug, and will hopefully be fixed Soon™ :slight_smile: .

Just quickly, which version of the game are you running? 1658 is the very latest, and it’d be helpful to know whether you’ve found this bug in that version or not (see the bottom left main menu for the version you’re playing) :slight_smile: .

He wrote that down, my friend :p. It’s 1658.

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Can confirm this bug still exists in 1665 by the way :frowning: .

Well they haven’t mentioned a fix, have they? :stuck_out_tongue:
As far as I “know” these guys, a fix is coming soon for sure :slight_smile: