Able to build houses direct next to eachother. Scaffolding placement

Hi guys i’ve been trying to build houses direct next to eachother but im unable to do so because of the scaffolding.
This is my aim to have a classic amsterdam ambiance(see pic below).

My suggestion is that the scaffolding will be placed inwards on the places that its not being able to be build outwards( how it’s usually being placed).


Good idea :slight_smile: . Not sure how soon it can be added though, if only because the game may need help distinguishing between individual buildings if their components are right up against one another.

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The game has always separated structures out (even if you cancel a building, it starts you on a new building name for each building). The new template system that is shown in the last video update is built on that pre-existing design. It’s just the scaffolding system which is too naive to handle placing walls up against cliffs (or other walls) and building walls on the inside of buildings.

They’ll have to get around to it eventually anyway to allow for building large houses with multiple rooms. Exactly when is the only question!

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Some people figured out how to do multiple floors already, I am sure if you try you can get this to work too.

With the new building system, we’re going to have to see what tricks still work, though. Tom did some testing yesterday with the structures, and you can’t simply place a house on the roof of another anymore. Not sure if the Mountainside technique still works, though, so that’ll be the first thing I’ll try with the release.

Tom did post this as a bug though so it could be fixed before A6 release

There is always bugs, so I am sure the new building system can be exploited just like the old one.

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Begin the exploitation.

–cue 1980’s-esque montage of Alpha-gameplay content abuse–


That’s the evil cheat exploiting spirit!

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