New scaffolding update at work

Don’t really get why they build the scaffolting this way. Did see them empty a room which was filled with scaffolting after they completed that part of the second story floor


well, maybe they wanted to build the roof first so they could work in the shade?


yeah this is an issue, as they dont finish builds either. Becuase when this happens they are not able to reach certain areas cuase they built something over it


Wow! Paging @not_owen_wilson, who recently made some scaffolding changes.

Update: please upload your template, for his attention. :smiley:

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the template is build differently when i place it somewehere else on the map. Get an error with the scaffolting and they stop. When i retry with an old save there is no error but they still don’t complete it. Made a vid off the second attempt to build this template at the location of the screenshots. Will add the save which is at the point they stopt constructing it. The template is without the basement hole in the ground. (7.0 MB)

testing (22.4 KB)

So, there are two bugs here, the obvious (and easy) one, and the invisible (and hard) one. First, the easy (which will be fixed with the next unstable push): when placing the building, we construct a ‘dependency graph’ of the building. Roughly speaking, this is “what is built on top of what” (so roof is on the walls/columns which are on the 2nd story floor which is on other walls/columns…etc.) We then try to figure out what the ‘roots’ of this graph are by looking at stuff that has no dependencies and seeing if it rests on the ground. If it does, that’s a thing you can start with. Except, we were literally looking for ground, rather than just for anything solid (like another building!). So, this building rests on top of another building (your basement), which confused the poor dependency analysis algorithm, and hence the resulting mess. Easy to fix–just look for anything solid, not just terrain.

Now, to the hard one: due to the way floors are sliced up, in this building, we end up with a wall that’s almost directly under a floor: one unit to the side, to be exact. On the other side of the wall are some stairs. This means that, in order for the wall to build correctly, it must be constructed before both the stairs, or the overhanging wall. If both come before it, it won’t be able to build: can’t put the scaffolding inside already-constructed stairs, and can’t put scaffolding under the flooring because hearthlings will hit their heads trying to place blocks on the top two rows of the wall (seriously, they won’t fit on the scaffolding, because they are three units high.) This bug needs the next (and, god willing, final) major piece of the building puzzle, which is for us to lay out the entire scaffolding of the building in advance of the actual building. (We don’t actually do this right now, for reasons that this text field will not be able to contain). Not sure if this’ll make it for A17, but I’m gonna try!

So, that’s the long and short. Thanks for the video/save/template! This kind of stuff is always super helpful.