The Scaffholding stays :(

First off I love this game and everything the devs are doing.

The bug I’m having is the scaffolding stays when its built, only on some sides and not all the time. Is anyone else getting this bug?

(I have saved and reloaded and nothing)

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I managed somehow to fix it by building ladders along the scaffolding and then they take down the scaffolding and take the ladders away might help you guys in future if you have this problem?

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Well, one thing you can ultimately do right now to save your game is to use the console commands to force delete remaining scaffolding. Press Ctrl + C to open the console, then click the scaffolding or ladder in question, type “destroy” and hit Enter. You should see the remaining parts removed and hopefully a boost to your game’s status bar on the lower right. Only do it if you’re certain the structure is entirely built, or else it’s possible you may get errors.

See if it works for your game–I had to do it a few times recently for a build since there were areas the scaffolding was placed but couldn’t be accessed after the full structure was done (and I didn’t seem to have any issues).