Curious scaffolding construction and lack of deconstruction in a building

Just a weird little building glitch that should be pretty easy to fix from the pictures.

I made this building in another save, but the building didn’t quite work. It left a few levels of scaffolding IN the floor after it was built and all the furniture was moved inside.

This is the building as it’s being constructed.

The json file is attached. (34.2 KB)

This is what it’s supposed to look like once it’s finished.

And this is the bug that I mentioned. I’m testing it on this save to see if the same bug shows up, and I’ll have the thread updated shortly to reflect that.

This is the building exterior as it’s finished. Ignore the ladder, I made that intentionally.

And lastly, here’s the remaining scaffolding inside.

pls fix.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Also the version is steam latest.

System Information:
Super Fancy.

Also, please ignore the fact that the file name is

Just as a workaround, there’s a way to delete the extra ladders and scaffolding by using the console (ctrl-shift-C i think), selecting the scaffolding, and typing “destroy”