Quick question about building walls

With the A15 scaffs, Is it safe to build walls beside cliffs or other walls with no space in between?

Didn’t have problems with that recently. If it builds on its own, it builds next to a cliff. You can’t rule out oddities completely, yet, but if it’s not too fancy it should work.

I still see the need to give them a 2 block gap so they can place scaffolting. 3 if you have a overhanging roof. Don’t really know where they place scaffolting or if they just not build your hove if you put it direcly on a mountain side

Need to give them a gap otherwise they just never finish the build. I’ve had to carve out a mountain before in order to build a simple hovel.

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As I mentioned, shouldn’t be a problem, but maybe we’re talking about different cases. These structures connected to a cliff were built without any problems whatsoever:

so far i’ve only build solid slab based structures on mountain walls. Dit you make those walls and house in one go or did you build them in layers?

The house was made without any slabs at all. The wall’s main three stories as well, only the battlement parts and the lesenes are made with slabs.