Building up against other house, structures or cliffs will hault building process

As the title states i have a hard time building structures where one or more sides are against a wall, doors and other items wont get placed

I tend to build structures against other buildings and one of the things i’ve found is to not place furniture inside the building until after it’s complete as it tends to halt the building process unnecessarily.

Hi, I found this problem, especially when walling off my towns by a cliff. I found that I have to leave a one block gap from the walls and the cliffs. then, I fill this in after the construction is COMPLETELY finished (no scaffolding is left at all) by using slabs.
I suspect that this happens either because of the scaffolding structure not being able to be placed on the ground at the same altitude of the structure, and possibly also the ladder for the same reason.

For roofs of things like houses and other structures, I leave a one block space, for the same reason so that no errors occur, albeit, as I recall, no such problems occur for structures touching by roof (by roof touching i mean that the roof is offset by 1+ from the actual walls).

Hope this was of help to your problem :slight_smile: !

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Yes thanks for the tip

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Don’t mention it!! :slight_smile: