Buildings can't be built near a cliff

Hi guys!

So i hope this is a bug and not intendet.

You can start building a house near a cliff, but since the workers can’t access the side near the cliff, the building
can’t be finished. Removing the building throws an error which causes the house to not be removable anymore.

Steps to reproduce ( worked every time for me):
Build a house near a cliff ( like in the picture ) and remove it when it’s “done”.


  1. The House near the cliff
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

  2. After “removing” the house
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’m using the latest Dev Version ( develop-2310 (x64) )

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You may be able to finish out the house by running a bunch of ladders along the cliff face. The hearthlings need somewhere to walk while they work, as well as a place to put scaffolds. Make sure you have that white area around the building visible before you set the building down so they have that room to work.

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I tried the ladder idea but it didnt work. And ofc i know that it’s easy to avoid by just not building there, but i really think its worth mentioning, because in my opinion, the house shouldn’t be able to be placed there, if it can’t be built :wink:

I’m almost sure that can be done if you place a ladder down to the side of the whole thing and a ladder every other block along that wall.

Putting in a check to prevent buildings from being placed near cliff edges would most likely remove the multi-story hacks, which I view as more important than this.

First off, all buildings need 3 spacing to get built, by Cliffs, trees, rocks, other buildings.

But yes you can work around this by ladders, 2 ways. 1: Build ladders every 2 sections, as they build the wall up keep extending the ladder till they get to roof. (Make sure you get all the wall. To check is to ghost the build w/o roof visible)
2: You can build ladders every other section of the wall base, then double out on a second ladder from the first ladder, only to the base of the wall, that way they can scaffold on the ladders themselves. (Make sure you adjust the camera in all direction till you can build the second ladder out.) If that doesn’t work go back to 1st way.