My house will not finish

Hey, recently bought this game and i really like it.

i have a problem i build a house on a cliff, now the stair wont go away.
second problem is i have all the necessary items for the house in my inventory but nobody places them. what can i do?

I believe by stairs you mean the scaffolding? If you built it on a cliff some hearthlings may need to be able to reach the bottom of said cliff placing a ladder down could help, but i suggest posting an image of the house from a few angles or uploading the save that is where you installed the game!

Also, welcome to the discourse!

thanks i just manually deleted all the scaffolding and stairs :slight_smile:
i still cant get the house to finish because the heartlings wont bring the furniture inside the house.

They’ll only place all the furniture if the place if clear of scaffolding, and since you deleted them manually, they might not know they’re gone

Select the building and type -ib- (without the lines) and it will instantly finish the building with all furniture, but it won’t use the furniture in your inventory so you’d have to use or sell them if you want them gone

thanks alot, i hope AI fixes will eventually help this problem