Won't finish building

Building: That one cottage with 4 beds.
1.Someone was on the roof and i build a lader so he can get down.
2.He went down and i looked whats left to build.
3. Saw a Door and 2 Lanterns, but they don’t want to place them, manualy it also dont work.
Maybe the buildingbridges? or how its called where in the way.
4.I removed the entire building to build a new, but there was a flying lader that cant be removed

Hi @David_SeriousDavid_P welcome on board.
Try to delete the ladder with console (strg+c) and type destroy into the console to destroy the highlighted object.

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I ran into a new ladder/scaffolding error today on a building that had never before had problems. It was an expanded bunkhouse (2 story), based on the one mentioned above. I have used this template since before a20 and it seems strange that it is now not finishing. :forlorn:

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I am having problems with building to. For some reason my hearthings won’t destroy the scaffolding for my buildings sometimes and I have to destroy the building then build it again to finish it. When this happens I notice that some furniture and doors won’t get placed.

I’ve had that problem multiple times and managed to find what was the problem.

The reason the building won’t resume is because your hearthlings can’t reach a ladder or scaffolding that was built by them.

My Solution: Search around the building for any ladder or scaffolding that you don’t think they can reach and build a ladder next to it, then once they remove it, give the order to remove the newly placed ladder.

Tip: If you build close enough to other buildings there might be ladders that have been built on them, so keep an eye out for that too.

Hope it helps.

I got the same problem with a ladder that was build on a tree next to my building, but removing the building left that ladder on the tree removing the tree didn’t help and using Strg+C and destroy was throwing an error massage!
Any other suggestions to get rid of that ladder? Loading the save wont work either i only have this one savestate and saved after my builders stoped working on the building (kind of didn’t notice that there was a problem with the building).

Ctrl + Shift + C brings up the console. Make sure that ladder is the only thing targeted. Type destroy into the console, then enter. The ladder will be gone.

However, make absolutely sure you want to remove what you have targeted. :slight_smile:

Thx but i tried that already as i said earlier when using destroy or any other kind of the destroy comand i got an error.
I fixed it just now so thanks anyway.
My solution: I restarted the game and reloaded the save. Than i removed the building, the ladder was again just left floating. Than with Strg+C and destroy_imidetly the ladder was gone. I don’t know why it worked but … yea fixed it.

@Golden could you upload that template that has started to give you problems to this thread: [A20] The buildings my hearthlings will not build (round 4!) ?

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@Relyss They are the normal templates from Rayya’s Children, the Weaver’s House and the Red Clay Homes. I don’t use mods, so it hasn’t changed from the basic ones that everyone has access to, a20r701.

I will say that after the first two failures, the third and fourth time I built the Weaver’s House it completed.

I haven’t made another game with Rayya’s Children since then, though.

Edited to add: I’m sorry :glum: I just re-read your post and realized that you meant my new template and sure. I will when I get back to the game.

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Happens to me all the time so I build a ladder to the flying ladder, tell the hearthling to delete the flying ladder, now delete the ladder you built.