[r166] Rounding error with building placement wall clearance

I can place buildings “too close” to cliff faces such that the scaffolding is only partially built and the building is never completed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a building template.
  2. Place it as close as possible to a cliff that is not perfectly smooth.
  3. Observe scaffolding being partially built.

Expected Results:
Buildings will fail to place if there is not enough room for scaffolding.

Actual Results:
scaffolding is half built.

screenshot of a bad placement

Versions and Mods:
alpha 6 r166. I don’t run mods

System Information:
Doesn’t matte


One workaround is to manually build ladders in place of the scaffolding (and yes, ladders can be built on scaffolding). Yes, it’s still broken, but it can be worked around.

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I have a screenshot where I tried to do that from the inside, and it didn’t work, the ladders need to be on the outside?

I think it doesn’t work on the inside because, thematically, they can’t be inside the building while working on the roof. Why it doesn’t work on the walls, I don’t know, but don’t disagree with.

I have tried doing it on the outside (where the scaffolding SHOULD go) and it worked. It’s an issue of the scaffolding refusing to be built in mid-air.

Also of note, you don’t have to put ladders in every column, every other column will suffice. The annoying part is that you have to add the ladders, wait for them to build that row, then extend the ladders, etc.