Cannot build right next to ledge

I wasn’t sure if I should put this in the buildings that won’t build topic, since the building will build, just not where I want it.

Summary: Hearthlings will not complete buildings where a wall is partially on a ledge and partially not.

Steps to Reproduce: Place/design any building with one wall overlapping a ledge and flat ground or the wall completely on the ledge

Expected Results: Scaffolding will be placed on the inside wall so that the building can be completed.

Actual Results: Scaffolding will be placed on the outside of this wall, but if the Hearthlings can’t get below, they will not finish building.

Workaround: Build ladders allowing Hearthlings access to area below the ledge, so they can build the necessary scaffolding.

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can your Hearthlings reach the lower level, direct below your building? Usually they try to build the scaffoldings from there …

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Currently they couldn’t, so I built some extra ladders so they could finish. It isn’t game breaking, just something I noticed that could be better. Building the ladders from the bottom, in this case, just takes longer and then I have to destroy the ladders to make sure monsters can’t get in. In the real build I was trying to create some long buildings as defense and noticed that it wouldn’t finish. This was just a simplified example for the screenshot and recreate.


This is a corner case, perfectly valid. We’ll leave it as a separate issue. :slightly_smiling:
Paging @not_owen_wilson to take note of this case.