Can't place items in House

Suspect this is a duplicate so feel free to merge or delete, but couldn’t locate an exact match.

Issue: Built the shared house but edited it so no furniture was required inside. House built as per normal. Went to fit out the house with 2 beds a table, chairs etc after it was completed. items are available in stockpile but the hearthlings wont place them.

Saving and loading results in this interesting error;

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sorry should have included latest build (r9 release 256 x64 build) through steam win7 64bit

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Minor update I haven;t been able to confirm 100% but my issue may have been because the outside house boundry (dotted line area) overlapped with a road designation.

interesting detail… thanks for the follow-up! :+1:

Hmm might not be the cause or at least the only one, had a house go bad and there was no overlap, the hearthlings wouldn’t go in it no matter what I tried.