A few more 1665 bugs

Hi all;

I’ve found a few more bugs in dev build 1665 and I thought I’d let you know them (even though they may have already been reported).

When you have some farmland and you have been planting it, everything is fine. However, whenever I decide to fallow it, i get a screen full of errors. I will post a screencap when I get one.

Also, the undeploy function is still non-functional for me.


This happens to me with the Corn! I think its when the Dirt turns into Fair Dirt or Poor Dirt not sure and the Corn still hasn’t been picked! I get an Error for every Corn plant

I can also confirm an error when collecting corn. I’m not sure exactly what caused it, but I do know there were several large fields and the corn in question hadn’t been harvested for a while. I’m not sure if spoilage of crops is implemented yet, but I guessed that the coding for it could have affected the crops’ ID, if not other issues.

I was also building a bridge right above the fields, so that likely wouldn’t help the coding too much, either…