Develop-2611 on Steam Latest

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bunch of initialization order bugs that resulted in engine errors on load. These bugs surfaced recently when we started validating arguments for event triggers.
  • Fixed display issues with portaits and buffs in the bottom left unit info pane.
  • Fixed bug that displayed deployed items separately from undeployed items in the inventory window.
  • Fixed a bunch of cosmetic issues with the UI, in particular to support localization.
  • Fixed an ai bug that restocked an item when trying to move it.
  • Fixed bug initializing items that did not define a mob in their json.
  • Fixed collision region for large boulders.
  • Fixed bug that was orphaning items in backpacks when entities were destroyed.
  • Fixed bug that was orphaning timers on suspended threads.

Other Changes

  • Added sound effects when buying and selling from shops.
  • Increased experience point rewards for cooking items.

Save compatibility had to be broken to fix some of these bugs.


[quote=“Albert, post:1, topic:16603”]

  • Fixed bug that displayed deployed items separately from undeployed items in the inventory window.
  • Fixed collision region for large boulders.[/quote]
    Drive by fixes on older bugs? Nice.

Nice, all tooltips are just fine now!

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Update for Translaters:

This time its only one new string^^

        "tooltip_num_undeployed": "Undeployed: [str(num_undeployed)]",

Have Fun :smiley:


Awesome! I am loving how you guys post the Dev builds now as well!


Any info about the “crafters” button and sub buttons?

Nope sry - no response on my last info from yesterday ^^ but its weekend - so lets wait till for us monday evening / thuesday when they are back at work ^^

just for your info - this was my last report:

ogo tent (goblinwar climax) has no descreption, so the sting is missing
goblin hut has still the name Goblin Tent not Goblin Hut ^^
crafters ui from start_menu still missing
error_browser.html title + buttons
error_dialog_js.html title+ hint + buttons
tilled models doenst show the name correct its says for all Tilled Earth and not the names of the models and change only the descreption

but at the moment it looks like they are the last issues ^^ i havent found anything other and nobody have informed me ^^

[SPOILER] ok sometimes there are really long description in the unitui and they will be hide from buttons - i will inform yang on monday over this so i can refresh my message :wink: [/SPOILER]

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Great, this way I won’t report this again! Good job!

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Sorry it took me a while to get what you meant by the crafters UI missing. You mean the strings are flat strings as opposed to localized strings that live in en.json?


you are still there??? go home! :wink: now you seen my spoiler :relaxed:

ok i dont know what you mean with flat strings ^^ here is what i mean :wink: name and description is not added to en.json - so the l18n links


“crafter_menu” : {
“name” : “Crafters”,
“description” : “Build and manage crafting workshops”,
“class” : “dock”,
“icon” : “/stonehearth/ui/game/start_menu/images/dock_crafters.png”,
“game_mode” : “normal”,
“menuHideSound”: “stonehearth:sounds:ui:start_menu:wash_out”,
“menuShowSound”: “stonehearth:sounds:ui:start_menu:wash_in”,
“items” : {
“carpenter” : {
“name” : “Carpenter Craft Menu”,
“description” : “Build wooden furniture and decor”,
“class” : “button”,
“required_job” : “stonehearth:jobs:carpenter”,
“required_job_text” : “Requires a carpenter”,
“icon” : “/stonehearth/jobs/carpenter/images/carpenter_menu_icon.png”,
“sticky” : true,
“hotkey” : “”
“weaver” : {
“name” : “Weaver Craft Menu”,
“description” : “Create clothes, fabrics, and decor.”,
“class” : “button”,
“required_job” : “stonehearth:jobs:weaver”,
“required_job_text” : “Requires a weaver”,
“icon” : “/stonehearth/jobs/weaver/images/weaver_menu_icon.png”,
“sticky” : true,
“hotkey” : “”
“mason” : {
“name” : “Mason Craft Menu”,
“description” : “Chisel stone weapons and furniture.”,
“class” : “button”,
“required_job” : “stonehearth:jobs:mason”,
“required_job_text” : “Requires a mason”,
“icon” : “/stonehearth/jobs/mason/images/mason_menu_icon.png”,
“sticky” : true,
“hotkey” : “”
“blacksmith” : {
“name” : “Blacksmith Craft Menu”,
“description” : “Smelt ore for weapons and armor.”,
“class” : “button”,
“required_job” : “stonehearth:jobs:blacksmith”,
“required_job_text” : “Requires a blacksmith”,
“icon” : “/stonehearth/jobs/blacksmith/images/blacksmith_menu_icon.png”,
“sticky” : true,
“hotkey” : “”
“cook” : {
“name” : “Cook Craft Menu”,
“description” : “Makes food taste better and last longer.”,
“class” : “button”,
“required_job” : “stonehearth:jobs:cook”,
“required_job_text” : “Requires a cook”,
“icon” : “/stonehearth/jobs/cook/images/cook_menu_icon.png”,
“sticky” : true,
“hotkey” : “”

Okay yes, that is what I meant. They are “flat” strings instead of dynamic strings that support localization. XD kk I will fix on Monday. Also I am just reading forum news on my phone.


ahhh ok thx ^^ and excuse accept :wink:

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@Yshan, btw, also missing the “flat” and “full” strings from the x-ray button.

Hmmm they should be Inside? Like i know xD Bit im Not Home to Check

@Yshan, found another oddity: if you set a container for wealth, the content will show a stack of gold chest using the name and description the gold chest entity resulting in this:

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@yshan, sorry to pile posts but I found a new one, the “gold:” string in the merchant panel isn’t localized.

i have checked this and it works on my side ^^
for the x-ray the strings are also included ^^
and the gold label is also there ^^

soo i must ask again you have taken the en.json from the newest stonehearth.smod? the newest file is not in the mod from github ^^

hmmm… My actual base en.json is the one from steam 2611. Is there a newest file somewhere else?? (55.6 KB)

if you have a filemanager like totalcommander you can easy compare the files to see changes ^^

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I don’t get it! I checked your last file here and no trace of “full” and “flat”. For gold I find only the tooltip_gold and the shop_gold_label.

I have check multiple time so I must be really idiot! Could you tell me which tag are used for flat, full and gold (the one mentioned above in the merchant panel)?