Develop-2609 on Steam Latest

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that was leaking pathfinders and reducing performance.
  • Fixed collision regions for the remaining workbenches.
  • Fixed two engine errors during load caused by race conditions.
  • Fixed bug trying to update scaffolding that had been removed.
  • Fixed several bugs that caused the UI to disappear.
  • Fixed UI error when reordering items in the crafting window.
  • Navigation buttons for the Chromium embedded browser have been disabled. Previously, hitting backspace could bring you to the previous menu.

Other Changes

  • Moderate performance improvements to several internal services.
  • Added Stone Chest recipe for the Mason.

Save compatibility was broken this release as well. Sorry!


Go team Radiant! You are doing an absolutely amazing job bugfixing! :blush:


that is awesome to hear. Now I have to restart all over again xD

Stuck crafters?! Turn on logging by following instructions here: Crafter Stuck in Develop-2611


I only had this happen once to me, and it seems like it had something to do with trying to make thread out of wool. After a crafter order wipe and a few reloads it worked fine. I doubt that’ll help but i’ll turn on logging :smile:


UHM… I was just playing like 2 hours ago and I turn back on the computer and see that stonehearth has updated but when I try to start it it tells me that the format is not supported?

is it just that your save is incompatible, perhaps?


Soo little update list for our translators:

party (added)
title_screen (new lines)
challenge line 1569 (entities for arcs challenge added)
climax line 1597 (entities for arcs challenge added)
ambient_threats line 1735 (entities for arcs ambient_threats added)
“093”: fixed spelling
stone_chest (added)
goblin_chief_hut (changed)
goblin_hut (changed but still tent no hut)
orc (changed)
tilled_dirt (added lines)
blacksmith (workshop removed)
blacksmith_hammer_talisman (changed)
carpenter (workshop removed)
cook (workshop removed)
mason (workshop removed)
storage_name (added for the stone chest)
stone_chest_receipe (added)
weaver (workshop removed)


Did you change population for berry bushes?
I usually like to start somewhere by stone mountain so I don’t have to path overly far from town center… but I started 3 times and found only very sparse berries (like patches of 4 and 5 far from any others) near stone.
I did fine a clump of 3 out in a field; but it was very far (two screens at kinda high zoom) from moutain (and therefore ore).
Also in 2606 I found that a lot of ore drops from just a stone wall and not very much stone… had to dig out like a 40x20x4 area to get enough stone to build 50 stone walls…

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I still have problems with the pathfinder. It doesn’t make CPU go 100% permanently, but it still seems consuming a lot.

When I place the banner, it keeps high for a while, then decreases. But if I issue to harvest some nearby trees, my CPU goes up to 100% again and it keeps like that for a while even after all the logs have been placed into the stockpile and the hearthlings are idle.

I always play with Steam closed and I even close Skype and Chrome, to allow the game to have enough resources if needed, since my system is not very powerful… :disappointed_relieved:
Intel Core ™ 2 Duo CPU P8400 @2.26 GHz
32-bit OS

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At one point I know Tony said this would happen on new games / loads as the pathfinder is warming up. However he said it should go away quickly. :frowning:


I think that’s only if you turn on the C++ pathfinder though… Which, if it hasn’t changed, should be turned off by default. I remember Tony saying that it wouldn’t be on for the sake of helping to reduce buginess.