Develop-2650 now on Steam latest

Earlier today we released develop-2647 (notes here). This afternoon we’re adding a few fixes that didn’t make the deadline for this morning’s release. Please welcome develop-2650! (Develop-2650 contains all the updates from develop-2647.)

Here’s what’s new in develop-2650:

  • Fixed hearthlings repeatedly picking up and and putting down items that had been looted.
  • Fixed another 'item_has_been_looted' error when trying to restock destroyed items.
  • Fixed missing loot icons on load.
  • Loot operation now uses a loot instead of a harvest cursor.
  • Fixed background on party attack and defend buttons.

this is why i love you guys (and gals), two updates in one day, i cant think of a single other alpha that has done that. keep up the awesome work everybody!


wow, now I feel doubly behind the curve! woe is me… :smile:

well done TR!! :+1:


Originally planned to wrap up work around 6 so I could have some extra game time tonight.I got handed a last minute project, it Just turned 10pm here and I finally get to shut down work and fire up stonehearth for a test drive. So unfair. lol.

Edit: do we need to start a new game for changes to take effect? Just wondering because the broken start button could be an issue lol

Re-edit: Wow. Huge difference even playing my game from the previous build. AI and Pathfinder are falling into line nice and quick. Intermittent spikes in both but spending far more time as a happy green bar in the lower right :smile:

Re-re-edit: After 2 hours of game activity, RAM usage climbed from 4.1GB to 9.4GB without a lot of new construction. The ram seems to plug up a little faster than normal but other than that it’s a great build :slight_smile:


And now Stoneden has been destroyed by the Development GOD’s :stuck_out_tongue: lol


I’ve been playing my game from the previous build…not sure if all of the changes carried over but it’s definitely still playable and improved


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For Translators:

“perk_000_name”: “Camp Cooking”, -> just removed the info for Tom :wink:


Black screen, sometimes plays the nice soundtrack, but not working at all

Hey @xylpho, sorry you are having issues with the latest build. Would you mind providing a bit more information (like system specs, when it was last working, the stonehearth.log file, etc.) in another thread (create one in the support category) so we can try and help you get running?

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thanks for your reply, where can i find SH log ?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth

Copy that as “preformatted text” into a new post.

Thanks again, reading the log helped me a lot. Was Steam who didn’t do his job properly when i asked for an uninstall/install. Erasing manually SH and reinstall did the job. Everything works fine.
Error seemed to come from an old modification i did for an earlier alpha, the one who didn’t launch because of a locale error.
Thanks for pointing me to see at the right place :wink: