Develop-2664 on Steam Latest

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs preventing items (particularly windows) from being placed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented placing multiple items in succession from the place item window.
  • Fixed error ‘invalid normal in normal_to_rotation()’ when trying to place items.
  • Fixed resource leak that was preventing threads and datastores from getting cleaned up.
  • Fixed engine error caused by save/load while shepherding.
  • Fixed UI error when closing the new game dialog.

Other Changes

  • Added slider to Settings->Gameplay to control the maximum number of citizens in a town. If you are experiencing idle hearthling issues, try lowering this limit.
  • Reduced the maximum density of animals in a shepherd’s pasture.
  • Reduced memory usage of the game.

Omw for testing :smiley:
Another night busy :3

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Oh, the hearthmanity! I have guests arriving in a few hours and won’t be able to test drive it until sunday!

forget about the guests, stonehearth is more important. even better yet, show them the game and how awesome it is, so they also get hooked on stonehearth :wink:


Seems @Wiese2007 is on holidays so I’ll do it for him :wink: : for translators, a few new entries for the potter and one entry for the settings.

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Prior to this update had the idling issue including not harvesting at a distance. So after the update: 1. Save was saved, nice! 2. Thought at first the idling was still there but saw some hearthlings collect some stuff but some still idling until I set a cut tree command. 3. Thought the distance harvesting commands were not being followed. Idea! What if cancel the commands (set prior to the patch) and set new to see what happens. Look! Off they go and harvest.
So happy customer here, thanks Radiant. Hang on where has the Potter career gone from the Choose a job board?

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The Potter was not meant to be enabled until alpha 13. You can’t get clay yet within the game (without using debug tools) so there is no point in being able to promote a mason…

See Desktop Tuesday: The Potter! – Stonehearth


Realise it was a tempting titbit of forthcoming content. The Rayya are the main ones for the potter so thinking it will be a starter job for them. Promotion from stone mason being for the others maybe harder to get to exp wise than other upgrade jobs.

Nope not holiday ^^ i was at work xD

here is the exact list ^^

  • “max_citizens”: “Max Citizens” -> added
  • “potter_cutter_recipe”: { -> added
  • potter receipes - “workbench_name”: “Workshops”, + “potter_workbench_recipe”: -> added

I’m so glad for the hearthling slider bar!
90% of my problems are from taking my hearthlings to20+.
The build before this 1 has been the best on my cpu so far 10-20% less on my quadcore.
Still hitting 80%+ at 18 hearthlings seems to be rough based on enemy numbers.
A group of 3 is 15% more cpu usuage and around .2GB of ram.I’d get that bump and my town would go idle!Thank you for your hard work :heart_eyes:

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I showed them the game, lol. My mom wasn’t overly impressed (she’s a bit of a technophobe) but my niece and nephew are both obsessed now lol. After playing it a bit they made me promise to get them a copy when the game is closer to finished lol. My nephew is 6 and he picked it up insanely fast…my niece, who is a total minecraft geek no longer wants to play minecraft so she’s trying to convince my bro to get her a copy to participate in the beta lol. Otherwise she has to wait until I get them a copy in a few months :smiley:

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you’re awesome. and you have just earned a spot on my wall of awesome/special people.