Release-460 on Steam Latest

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a huge resource/performance leak with pastures, typically when they are fenced in.
  • Clay items should no longer be purchasable until the potter is ready for Alpha 13.

Other Changes

  • Update title screen to Alpha 12.

Huzzah! 3 cheers for TR as we march ever forward towards glory. In honour of this special occasion I’m going to skive of work for the rest of the day and immerse myself in stonehearth…k, so maybe I was going to skive off work anyway, but now I have an excuse!

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I’ve played for a few minutes, Performance on new worlds is a lot better now too! It used to go above 50% usage for me on a new world, now its around 30/40% usage. Good work as always TR, So many updates in such small amounts of time, You guys really work hard!

Keep up the awesome work! :smile:

@Albert, for the wiki, is this the “stable” Alpha 12?

Not until it’s pushed to the main steam branch (which just occurred). We still have some patches coming out for Alpha 12, but the current state is good enough to roll out to all the players.

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For Translators:

“general_description_desc”: “Max health increased!”, - was replaced with “level_up_perk_description”: “Max Health +10”,

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Oh My Good God this has made a HUGE difference in my game, to the point where I can comfortably add additional hearthlings to what was a lag-bound dead fortress.

Only remaining big source of lag now seems to be a “stutter” effect where I have to pause the game every few seconds to let the hearthlings and graphics catch up, or else it pauses itself. Between stutters though the game is visibly MUCH faster.

Update to 463 released.

For Translators:

“shear_sheep”: { -> removed + 3lines
"renewable_harvest_status_text": “shearing sheep” -> added


This release is shocking me.
I’m at 23 hearthlings and having a good ole time.It’s been ages since I got 1 of every job out there and into making buildings for them all.
It going epic for me atm and I can hardly stop playing!
Thank you very much for your hard work :joy: