Develop-2628 on Steam Latest

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error in prune_dead_listeners when removing a listener that was already destroyed.
  • Fixed bug causing hearthlings to get stuck in beds and chairs.
  • Fixed frozen hearthlings bug when destroying an occupied bed or chair.
  • Recreate ghost and iconic entity forms when they are destroyed with the debug console.
  • Fixed bug when destroying items inside backpacks.
  • Improved grow walls command to handle more cases with 1 block wide cuts in the floor.
  • Fixed engine error with pastures when saving/loading the game.
  • Fixed a race condition on load with the waterfall renderer.
  • Fixed crash to desktop when recovering from an assertion with no error message.
  • Fixed duplicating items when a promotion is cancelled.
  • Made all crafter workbenches restockable (under ‘Tools’).
  • Fixed the collision region for the Cobblestone Fence Gate.
  • Trees will now stop growing if there is not enough space.
  • Fixed a bug when reserving space while restocking.
  • Fixed save/load bug with raiding scenarios.
  • Fixed bug that prevented old talismans from being used to promote.
  • Fixed bug that showed ‘Idle’ instead of ‘Restocking’ for a hearthling’s status text.

Other Changes

  • Improved performance of the AI task scheduler.
  • Improved performance when placing lots of items and ladders.
  • High performance CPP AI and Subspace Pathfinder can now be enabled in Settings->Gameplay->Experimental.
  • Game Speed 3 can now be enabled in Settings->Gameplay->Experimental.
  • When facing items, hearthlings now face perpendicular to the item’s closest block. Previously, they faced the center of the item which could place them at an angle for items larger than 1x1.
  • Better error handling of json errors for modding.

Wow! You’re up awful late, @Albert. Thanks for the new build and the late hours to get it out tonight :smile:

It’s downloading right now and I’ll give it a quick test before I dash off to bed


Thanks for all the help! Let me know if you find any regressions.


For Translators:

“restock_stockpile”: “restocking [name(]”, (removed)
“panic”: “panicking”, (typo -k)
“restock”: “restocking items” (added)
“gameplay_tab”: { (+more lines added)
“forward_scouts”: { (new lines)
“ambient_threats”: { (new lines)
“barrel”: { (typo + vault added)
“carrot_crop”: { (typo)
“corn_crop”: { (typo)
“workbenches_name”: “Workbenches”, (new lines added)
“leather_bound_chest_recipe”: { (typo)


Woohoo! I’m going to steal @8BitCrab 's thunder and prematurely confirm the “prune_dead_listeners” bug dead (again). Just did a run through to where it should have occurred and all went smoothly.*

*I reserve the right to completely recant this statement and deny any knowledge of having confirmed the aforementioned bug’s death prematurely, should the zombie bug rise from the dead once again.


woohoo! will put this through the paces this morning… thanks!

:laughing: :+1:


whoot! you guys (and gals) at TR are awesome!

:cry: :crying_cat_face:

but you must realize, dead is a very strong word to use in this situation, it cannot be killed, only banished for the rest of eternity.


just my two cents, but I only find it laggy at points like feeding time, that is when my camera gets glitchy

otherwise thigns are going really well.

possible bug with building that I am going to try and reproduce

Like Kthulu, banishment is a temporary fix. Eventually, somebody will open a portal to the realm of forgotten bugs and the embodiment of evil that is the zombie bug shall return once again. Rising from the ashes of fallen civilizations to taunt the devs mercilessly for all eternity.

i feel like thee underestimate these devs powers of good, they are able to permanently banish evils such as these, though sometimes, like these times, it takes much longer then originally expected.

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