[Con] Alpha 7 V195 - Corn Growing Error

When Planting a corn crop all is well until the corn is ready to be harvested and put in the stock pile. The error code below appears and the game crashes.

stonehearth/entities/crops/corn_crop/corn.luac:5:attempt to index local ‘dirt’ (a nil value)

User ID: 9b9b6728-9441-11e4-bacb-902b3458253f

Hmmmm… That doesn’t happen for me. How big was your corn farm?

Bigger than 8w x 10d

Sorry, but I’m stumped. :confused:

Funny part is I was able to layout the corn patch, farmer did his thing, corn finished growning but then the error poped up when it was time to harvest and the game crashed.

I have had the same issue, ended up stopping planting corn. It doesn’t happen every harvest, but once it starts, it never fixes itself.

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Thanks for the confirmation, @darhoth. Does the game crash for you too?
Or only shows that error and makes corn field useless?

The game doesn’t crash. It gives a repeated error message that scrolls over and over again. It looks to be when it goes to harvest. If I delete the field and replace it, it usually fixes itself. I have not noticed it the last day or so though. If I catch it again I will see what details I can grab on it.

v196 no longer errors on corn ready to harvest. Plot size was 7x7 and all worked as should.