[Rev 2193 x64] Growth (Dying?) Error

For roughly every unit of corn in the field an error was caused.

Steps to reproduce:
Plant a corn field of any size
Let it grow
Don’t harvest it allowing it to try and go to a dying state like the silk plants do.

Expected Results:
The corn will enter a state and loads an image of dying corn stalks.

Actual Results:
The game outputs and error about growth checks and triggering updates.


Versions and Mods:
x64 revision 2193. No mods installed.

System Information:
CPU: 1090T
GPU: AMD 5850
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate


Do you remember how to reproduce it?


I have no sweet clue why it happened. I can only guess it’s because the farmers have been too busy to harvest for how ever long it takes for the game to trigger then next growth cycle. One of the devs would have to give that info or one of us time corn growth period. In the newest revision path finding has been a bit wonky so the farmers are a little behind on my farms.

If it helps any, I seem to have a save file that loads as it is on error 20ish.

Hi which System and any mods Active? Looks like you have wheat from cookmod xD

Wieses, by system I assume PC specs? Clarify that for me please and I’ll answer. As for mods, none at all. If anything on my farms looks a little odds it’s because there are about 4-6 harvests all on the ground there as my villagers won’t pick it up properly in this update.

I mean if you habe x86 or x64 this informations are important for the devs :wink:

Oh yeah Sorry bout that, x64. Only time I remember x86 even exist is when I’m complaining about the fact it still exist.

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Next important question since this update have you activate x64 in the settings xD

I apologize to you Wiese if you see this, I don’t think I saw your post. Yes it was activated.

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better late then never :wink: