[Con] Floating StockPile

so i found that a certain villager in my had telekinesis because she when moving and with the stockpile hud up was able to have a stockpile floating in front of her. dont know why nor how but its there

the highlighted girl is the one also by the looks of it she has something in her hands thats invisible.

thats my last one for today besieds z-scoring and colliding with each other


We think we know why this is happening, but I look forward to hearing what in-game reasons you all have. :wink:

Also, we’re having trouble reproducing this regularly. Any tips?

i will see if i can remake all of these at a later time

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“The force is strong with this one…”

Looks like the wood resource node managed to swapped itself with a stockpile node.

remember folks, the more information we can provide, the easier it is for Team Awesome to track down an squash the nastiez… :smile:

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yes @SteveAdamo but even i dont know much of how this is happening i just find it and report

yes, I know sometimes crazy **** just happens… :smile:

who knows, maybe this will make you that much more aware of your session while playing? :wink:

I think the edit of this post belongs here.

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I think you’re right! Gonna try and reproduce it in a minute:

A stray farm designation has become attached to a unit, no idea how and I’m unsure what it wants. I will not give in,

@sdee bear with me and my non technical surmising but I’ve figured out how to reproduce it, to me it seems as though removed designated areas aren’t being flushed from the game?

This was my latest attempt and is probably the easiest to describe.

Place multiple stockpiles, as you can see I placed 6 (you don’t need to place 6, I think I got it to work with 3 or 4, interestingly enough with just 2 it wouldn’t attach to anything, but would just stay overlapping the existing stockpile, I might need to retry this):

Then proceed to delete all but 1 stockpiles, I deleted 2 - 6 left the original one. Then go to place another stockpile, as you can see the game names this stockpile 7, even though there’s technically only 2:

If you then remove stockpile 7, and keep pressing the zone tools button, stockpiles you have already placed appear in random places, or simply overlap the already existing stockpile: The bottom stockpile in this picture isn’t a stockpile, I can’t click it. The same with the stockpile to the left in the second picture.

Tell your settlers to harvest some wood, then keep pressing the zone tool button and at some point whilst you should have your zones attach themselves to an item, I originally thought it was attaching to workers but I believe it’s attaching to logs, although you can see it is attached to the guy chopping the tree down, maybe it’s attached to his axe?

It seems as if the stockpiles aren’t completely removed, linger about the place and then attach themselves to an entity, that’s my layman interpretation anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

This image shows better how removed deisgnations, both farm and stockpile, seem to randomly overlap, the only stockpile I have control of in this picture is the one with the transparent wood, everything else had been removed.

Also more pictures of logs with stockpiles



LOL :laughing:
I assume the log and the stockpile got switched… Indeed, that would make for a nice first boss. I had a problem with a settler that fused a bit with a tool and got stuck forever. Never breathed, never ate, never died. I’d make a report about it, but I want to reproduce it first.


Ha, there was an amazing shot that I missed of a tiny settler carrying the log on her shoulder.

The log boss would roll everywhere, slamming on it’s sides like a dice, try not to get squished!

It’s a shame they didn’t eventually morph into the tool :’(

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ROFL! Excellent analysis. Also, paging in @Tom and @Ponder and @not_owen_wilson.

Great work everyone, @Geoffers747 and his monstrous wooden block in particular (NOT BEING FIGURATIVE, PROBABLY BEST IF I DELETE THAT). The bug has been squashed my machine, so on to buggier pastures!

(In case you’re curious: our stockpiles and farms, even when murdered, were still listening in on the ui when it changed, and re-creating undead versions of themselves when the zone view switch occured–wretched, empty souls from beyond the veil, which I did slay with fearsome necromantic logic and typing skills! I should probably pay less attention to Dr. Orpheus in Venture Bros…)


oh you… I know we’ve discussed voicing your inner monologue, but in this case, I think we should encourage it…

nice bug squashing! :+1:

I can’t pretend I’ve never received that compliment before, but it means the most coming from you.

All praise the mighty Chris, slayer of stockpiles, lover of wood coughs! May he live forever more.


more like the god of wood