[Con] Distorted Stockpiles

It seems that stockpiles get distorted a bit (graphically) at certain angles. I’d assume it’s just getting meshed with the ground, instead of being a teensy bit above it. I believe a similar thing is happening with trees, when they spawn close to each other, mesh and then slightly become fuzzy at the points at which they connect. Here are two examples:

  1. A picture from afar:

  1. A picture close up:


interesting… haven’t seen this one before, but I’m wondering if this is in the same general bucket as some other “z-fighting” bugs?


Nono, there’s just a natural curve to the ground there. Can’t you see it? :wink:

I’ve seen this as well though. Just figured it was a z-fighting issue and a low priority fix to come.

making the stockpiles have a bit of ‘thickness’ could fix that actually, as i believe that they are just flat right now

Yeah, I was thinking about this as being the cause, but I just couldn’t find the words! I was thinking of “z-scores”, but that’s a stats term, which wouldn’t really apply here. Damn you SPSS!!

Low priority for sure, but aesthetic things like this are still worth a note :slight_smile:

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absolutely! and thanks for pointing it out, as i hadnt seen it myself…

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