[Con] [188] Odd town inventory glitch

Note the two stacks of pink flowers:

I’m thinking that they’re actually two different things in the code, but just given the same name & model etc. It’s worth noting BTW that other items stack to beyond 20.

I saw this back in 180, too. I was thinking that one of them is the farmed one and another is the natural one, but I didn’t try it to see.

excellent theory… someone should test/confirm that! it could also simply be that this one item may have a lower stacking limit?

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@Teleros could I get the save

I can not reproduce this. Farmed, wild, deployed, un-deployed, messing around with UI, removing stockpile, adding stockpiles, I got nothing. I even stretched stockpiles across the map, still nothing…

There is room in the code for this bug, but I don’t understand how it could come into play.

@Teleros based on the code code I don’t believe this is it, but, was it an older save you loaded, perhaps by pressing the continue button and not even noticing.

Unless I’m missing something, the code basically bases new entries on uri, “stonehearth:decorative:brightbell”.

In order for the second brightbell to appear, you had to somehow get the crop version, or plant version into a stock pile.

I was however able to merge a farming field with a stockpile, this did not produce the bug, but perhaps I’m onto something.

In the photo my mouse was over the farming field, but continued it’s selection border around to the stockpile. This corrects it’s self once I exit the Zones UI.

@Teleros @jonzoid were your fields and stockpiles set up next to one another, did you setup stockpiles under wild brightbells.


Here we go :smile:

Harvesting one creates one item in my inventory, moving it into a stockpile then creates a new one. You get varying results depending on how quickly stuff gets moved around. I repeated this same thing several times and one time got 3 and 1 instead of 2 and 2 as shown in the gif.


Fresh r188 game.

Looks like @jonzoid may have found the issue though :slight_smile: .

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