Items become brighter when stacked

So this is odd…some items become brighter and brighter for no apparent reason?

Thats a lot of sheep friend

Also, I believe that happens when multiple items of the same sort are on the same spot

ah, you may be right, I feel a bit silly now.

I don’t think my hearthlings have picked up any of this wool for some time now

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Yes, a Xeinon mentioned, this is the result of two or more items dropped in the same place.

Now for the real question… Why you have so many? :stuck_out_tongue: Just erase them all with the clear tool, or if you want to profit from it, place a stockpile (or a container) near and sell it all.

yeah thats the thing, I have literally got enough space for about 250 items about 5 squares away from this zone and they simply don’t pick them up

Are your workers preoccupied with something else perhaps? Or are they just idle instead of picking it up?

I have got a ton of hauling to do, and I’ve actually told my soldiers to stop doing their jobs so that they actually haul things more often, I suspect they are a few days behind on the hauling queue

its probably because I have no workers :sweat_smile:

notice the cave top left, has about 100 tin ores that need picking up. and I have probably another 50 items from fights that need picked up around the map. already have a stockpile of about 250 wood, 400 ores, and 80 ingots


yeah so I am selling like 150 wool every time the trader shows up, but I never see a hearthling pick any of it up…


gonna delete one of these farms

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is it possible you’re at the inventory limit?

It is the “having no workers” that makes that a problem. There is no one to move things to storage. Also, your crafters are going to have to walk out to where the items they need are located and then walk all the way back to craft each individual item if the recipe requires raw materials.

Workers are very necessary in Stonehearth.

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People with other jobs can haul, it’s just not their first priority.

Yes, but if he has all of his crafters working on making items, then there is no one to haul anything.

It seems to be hes at the limit of items he can possess period. it’s unlikely an issue of hauling, there is more then enough stockpile space visibly available and they’re gathering slowly only because he is selling bits of wool every time he gets a trader, but it’s not enough to compensate for the massive amount of items on the screen already.

this is why I assign all my soldiers to haul and toggle their jobs on and off. then workers become unnecessary and soldiers become useful

I really don’t think that I was, but I guess I could have been… Anyhow its fine now that I sell anytthing that goes above 100 stock.

here is a update pic btw