Farmer's have stopped jobbing

Is there a way to re-initialize a Hearthling so the AI will force hearthlings to start performing their job again? My farmers have decided to just sit by the hearth and are not doing anything related to farming. I believe this is something tied to my overall game since I’ve demoted my original farmers (and then re-assigned them as farmers) which did not work. I then demoted them again and tried to make 2 other hearthlings into farmers and they also just sit by the fire.

Anyone have any help with this?

Thank you!

Did you hit your item limit or storage limit?

Not even close. 1700/4500 items. And several hundred spaces left of storage. :frowning:

You mean harvest? It needs time to grow until its ready for harvest.
Or preparing the soil? Can they reach the farm?
Or hauling the items back to storage? Is the Haul task enabled?

I mean that the Farmer’s are doing nothing associated with their Job. They still haul things. But if there is nothing to haul they sit by the fire. If I re-start the game completely then they will do their Job for a minute or so and then stop again.

Is this resolved if you save and reload the game? If not, can you attach a savegame with the issue occurring?

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Thanks for the response Max. I decided to start a new game and have already deleted that one. I’ll let you all know if I can recreate this though. Thanks!

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