Strange mecanic?

not sure were to put this but ive been messing around with a town of 50 Hearthlings and been finding a strange issue

theres plenty of food ( or at least was)
the farmers are not gathering the food so its causing it to rot
my combat units would rather stand around healing each other then eat the food that is right beside them

this seemed to start happening after the food dropped under 500, its like the entire town just gave up

Is there plenty of storage room for the food?

2 empty stockpiles

Could it be that you have reached the item limit?
I’m not sure but I guess it makes sense that farmers would stop farming to not spam even more items into the world. If you reached the limit then there could be food that doesn’t count as yours, so the combat units wouldn’t eat it, though if they stop eating entirely then it’s probably performance issues that makes the ai to slow to find the food or plants to harvest. You have 50 hearthlings after all. Don’t know what the current record is but I don’t think it’s a lot higher.

ya it seems that the AI is getting lost since lots of my Hearthlings go ‘idle’

if I pause the game it takes a bit before the find a job