[R118] [STEAM Client] Floating Hunter Zone

May be related to this POST but not sure.

Summary: I placed down a hunter zone and it appeared above the tree line.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Got it to work in a NW to SE or SE to NW direction or something along those lines.

Expected Results: Zone would appear on the ground.

Actual Results: Zone appeared where it should be but above the trees.

Notes: I removed the zone and replaced it successfully a second time. But they may of not been the same dimensions.


[EDIT] Video Added:


nice work @digitalFatteh! you are most assuredly joining the ranks of the bug testing elite… :wink:

Perhaps this is somehow due to the rise in the land on the right side of the picture? It looks like the zone may be raised to that level, I think.

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I thought that initially, But the zones above that and doesn’t quite overlap the raised area of the land when I placed it.

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Looking at the pic, I guess you drew the zone from SW to NE? I wonder if it’s reproducible if you have a tree in a similar position again.

@Teleros, are you assuming there that the sun goes from east to west in Stonehearth? I.e. it’s late in the day, and the shadows are to the left in the picture, so the sun must be to the right, which must then be the west, so south-west would be toward the back and north-east would be toward the bottom left of the picture?

Just using the pic and assuming up = north! left = west! etc.

Yeah. Got it to work in a NW to SE or SE to NW direction or something along those lines. It appears to happen if its drawn a certain way with a tree under it which elevates the zone placement to above the tree line.

[EDIT] Added video to main post.